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Thread: sobbing sobbing

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    sobbing sobbing

    I jus looked at toy fair sneek peek sw pics over at rebelscum. There is the new republic gunship next to the repaint of the slave one. IT"S SMALL The RGS Is FREAKING SMALL and don't expect it to hold a piolit


    but on a happier note there are some pretty sweet figs coming including white clonies. Check it out. Note : the pics are kind of mixed up when u deep link them.
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    Those are just the pics from the Hasbro site's sneak peek:

    And yes, the RG is quite tiny.
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    There is the proof. We need to send in the MINI-FIGURES PETITION.
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    Jangu, you get it started and i will sign it a hundred times

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    actually, i'm not disapointed by the size. it's about what i was expecting it to be.

    it appears to be in proper scale with all other action fleet. dooku's sailer is what i consider to be a total foul up size wise.

    it may still be able to hold a pilot figure, i just can't tell from that photo.
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    yeah now that i think i'm still hoping that it can hold an old af piolit. Hope they release them soon

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    I don't think it looks that small. I doubt it will be able to hold any pilots, but hopefully the pasenger is beg enough for them. I don't think the doors look like they close all the way either, which would suck if they don't. But none of this matters because it still loks good, and I"m still going to buy a few.
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    I'm hoping the mini-figs will be coming soon, but, I'm not holding my breath. In Hasbros press release they said the AF would have Authentic detailing and a display stand. No mention of any figures.

    As for that petition. JT has one ready to go, but, he's waiting till after TF to send it. Maybe tomorrow we'll all be surprised? Lets hope.

    And does anyone else want 2 Jedi Starfighters. AF scale of course, one normal colors and one with the new CLONE WARS colors? They sould do AF Ships for that series also.
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    I know. I would love clone wars ships for af including the sweet republic tank from the clone wars games AND I WANT FIGS AND PLAYSETS

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    A jedi starfighter action fleet in that new green would be cool, but at the moment I'm not fussy, I want that jedi starfight wave now, I know I'm new to collecting and stuff, but I don't like all this waiting. Why annouce things and take so long to ship them. These things are difficult in the slightest to design and produce. Grrr. Anyway, slightly off topic there sorry.

    I would say from that pic from the toy fair the gunship looks to have too small a cockpit to take those little figs. What I would say however, and it is just my personal opinion, I prefer design accuracy of the ships at a sacrifice to having little figs with the ship. The AT-TE remains one of the most accurate action fleet ships, and I think its the way forward for these toys I'm afraid.


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