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    Dolly the Sheep Dies

    THE DECISION to end Dolly’s life at age 6 — about half the life expectancy of her breed — was made because a veterinarian confirmed she had a progressive lung disease, according to the Roslin Institute, the Scottish lab where she was created and lived. “We must await the results of the post-mortem on Dolly in order to assess whether her relatively premature death was in any way connected with the fact that she was a clone,” said Richard Gardner, a professor of zoology at Oxford University and chair of the Royal Society working group on stem cell research and therapeutic cloning. “If there is a link, it will provide further evidence of the dangers inherent in reproductive cloning and the irresponsibility of anybody who is trying to extend such work to humans.” Ian Wilmut, the leader of the team that created Dolly, said it was unlikely her illness was attributable to being a clone. “The most likely thing is an infection which causes a slow progressive illness and for which there isn’t an effective treatment,” he said. “Sadly, we have had that in some of the sheep on the farm, so that’s the most likely explanation, but we don’t know.” Wilmut declined to name the disease but said it was a common respiratory infection that had been diagnosed in another of the sheep Dolly was housed with. “The most likely thing is she caught it from that sheep and it’s an unfortunate result of having to be housed in order to give her security and so that we could observe her,” Wilmut said. “Clearly, the whole group are very upset and sad.”
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    *Bows his head, paying respect for the cloned sheep*

    "Rest in peace. Now, please pass the mint jelly."

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    What ba-a-a-a-a-d news.

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    Re: Dolly the Sheep Dies

    “We must await the results of the post-mortem on Dolly in order to assess whether her relatively premature death was in any way connected with the fact that she was a clone,” said Richard Gardner[/B]
    It was either that or the fact that she chain smoked.
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    Man, it's kinda funny how when something cloning-related fails, it's never the cloning process that was the cause......
    The only good clones are fantasy clones (yeah, I know, I'm a stone-age luddite so sue me!!)
    So, clones are perfect except for their organic systems, eh???
    No worries!!! For every clone, we'll make 10 or so imperfect backups, and hope that each one has different flaws, and with constant monitoring and transplants and stuff, the cloned organism will be able to live a perfectly normal life...... the future is HERE, folks!!!!
    (PS, before you rip me and my ridiculous beliefs, I fully understand what the hype is on cloning, but it looks to me that in practice it's just a dumb idea, good for getting big research money off old rich people who wanna buy their way outta death)
    Sorry for not mourning the clones death, I mourned when the ORIGINAL dolly died, thank you
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    Baaaaaa, baaa, ba, baaaaa

    RIP Dolly

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    Well i'll let my avatar act as a mark of respect for 'tis dolly herself. May she gambol around the big sheep grazing fields in the sky happy as a lamb in spring. Twasn't her fault those calculating bastards brought her into the world so why should she bear the brunt of all this derision? Poor wee mite had a terrible life being prodded and probed and suffering media scrutiny. That's no life for a sheep. I'm glad they took the humane route and didn't make her suffer just to see how it affected her or something. cruel cruel scientist bastards. bye bye dolly.

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    It is probably better off, the less she had to be tested upon the better. Man, if all the clonetroopers died like that, the Battle of Geonosis would have sucked... R.I.P. Dolly.
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    Well what can I say except it was a good run. She poured her heart and soul into whatever life she lived. I have no idea what I am talking about so R.I.P. Dolly
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    ...and suffering media scrutiny. That's no life for a sheep.
    Yeah, remember that one time, when she was seen on the cover of "The National Inquiziter" the title read "Dolly, having an affair with Kenny Rogers!"

    This is a saaaaad saaaaaad day.
    May the force be with you.


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