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    Question What movies have affected you emotionally?

    I'm not usually affected by movies emotionally. But there have been times where I actually had feelings evoked by a movie. Some examples include....

    In the movie Pet Sematary, when Gage Creed was killed by the semi. For the longest time I didn't like seeing that at all. I just couldn't take seeing a kid die. I have a soft spot for them, alright.

    Terminator 2 also gets to me. What part you ask? The part when T-800 decides that he must be terminated to prevent the future war. I don't know why, but that scene is the closest I have ever come to actually shedding a tear over a scene in a movie.

    That's all I got. I'm sure there's others of you out there who have been affected emotionally by a movie, whether you cried or whatever. So, yeah, that's my story.
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    I cried during 'My Life' and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

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    I get emotional a lot during movies, because I am such a sensitive guy

    Here are some:

    What's Eating Gilbert Grape
    The Green Mile
    Cool Runnings
    Major League
    Shawshank Redemption
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    The Green Mile
    Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
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    Um, ok, I admit it, in Fellowship of the Ring, I get that hair-raised on your arm, choked up feeling, when they come out of Moria and Gandalf is gone, and the music is all slow and everyone's crying. Poor Gandalf. Poor little hobbits.
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    I get emotional everytime I watch the part in the first Back To The Future where Marty watches himself in the parking lot enter the time warp with the DeLorean. It has been the closest thing to actual timetravel I have ever got. I get goosebumps from watching it.
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    Hm, some of the same movies from others, so sorry if i repeat them:

    Green Mile
    American Beauty
    LOTR: FOTR (Sorry, when Sam and Frodo hug and cry at the end, and when Gandalf falls and that cursed music, even when i listen to the score, i still get chills)
    Shawshank Redemption

    That's all i'll admit! ehehehe
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    The Muppet Movie always gets me.
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    Yeah, the end of Shawshank always gets me.
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    Mr. Holland's Opus, when Dryfus enters the packed auditorium at the end. I can't help but well up everytime.

    Scarface, when it becomes clear just how well he's managed to ruin his sister's life.

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre (no I'm not kidding). This was actually the first time I witnessed just how much a movie could affect people. Girls started streaming out of the theater in droves when attacks became relentless. Dumb movie, but powerfully effective.

    Batman and Robin. I had physical pain trying to remain seated.

    The Phantom Menace. Emotional distress as I realized it wasn't getting any better.

    Attack of the Clones. Profound sadness as I realized it really wasn't just me being too critical.


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