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    neat DareDevil promo cards at my theater

    I saw DareDevil today, and I'm glad we just happened to be at the first matinee because the theater was handing out a promo X2 poster and a set of 4 cards for DareDevil, aproximately 4" x 6" . . . they're very cool, the card is a decently thick stock with a description of each of the 4 main characters - beside the description is a super glossy pic of each character.

    I'm posting a sample here, I just really like these cards. Now I need to find a few top loads to fit these.

    Here's a shot of the lovely Elektra card:

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    Here's the back, it's the same for each card.

    This is also the design of the envelope in which the cards were distributed.

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    Wow, the card looks really good. I didn't see the movie, but I guess I should see it and hopefully get a card just like it.
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