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    Smile Oh Hohohho Mmmm Ranbo Yoda am I!

    have you seen the new Clone Wars Yoda hes looks so much like rambo don't you think ?

    its strang no one has complained guess you like him

    well i am gona buy this figure anyway he is new and cool

    by the way the Artulated clone's well that be in the 3 Pack as well ???

    and do you think one of the jedi starfighter's will have the hyperdrive ring ???????
    MACE: (deadly stare) You see that duffel bag under my chair?'s full of lightsabers. I want you to reach in, pull out my saber and hand it to me...

    JORUS: (gulp)...which one is yours?

    MACE: It's the one that says BAD M*****F***** on the hilt.

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    I think it looks terrible...
    Bad Taste

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    Yoda's outfit reminds me of some of the costumes from Planet of the Apes.

    I think it's a bad idea. Yoda is not one for "battle gear" or whatever it is he's wearing. Yoda is, more than any other character in Star Wars, peaceful, resorting to force only in desperate situations. To make Yoda so "action-oriented" trivializes his incredible fighting abilities.

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    Leave the bandoliers on the Wookies! Leave the bandoliers on the Wookies!

    I'm staging a march on Hasbro to protest, who's with me?

    What do you think he carries in there? Chewie carried ammo, but Yoda doesn't use a gun. Does he? Maybe he puts gimer sticks in there.
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    I really dislike the Yoda too, Yoda is no Rambo and hasbro should know that
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    See my post under "Toy Fare Sneak Peak". I made a comment the other day that Rambo Yoda is only missing his bandana. I think he looks totally stupid, but as I collect one of each figure, I'll end up getting him. But I think Hasbro has been sniffing glue while coming up with some of these new figures.
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    I'll buy the upcoming Yoda because I'm a big fan of his, but I don't like the idea of him wearing that armor. It's not in his character and I think it's tastless.
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    I really don't have a problem with the figure. It's EU, that's all.
    Who says that that is a bandolier? It looks more like a sash, something ornamental - for all you Star Trek fans, I mean, it looks like what Lt. Worf wore. It has no weaponary value. So, what's the big deal?
    And even if it was a bandolier (even though there are no pouches on the thing), who says it has to have ammunition in it? It could be more of a utility belt and have rations, medical supplies or other things inside.
    Hey, at least it doesn't have an action gimmick .

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    What the heck is he wearing? Battle gear Yoda? Just give him his robe and that is it. He don't need anything else.
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    Isn't anyone going to speculate on what he carries in there? I say gimer sticks and Capri Sun.
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