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    Err, SCOUSELAND, like, laa

    Bad news for possible new Trek micros

    Might I suggest that we ALL register our disapproval.


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    Don't see the big deal over the minimates, they look like legal Kubricks, which aren't very interesting in the first place.

    LEGO all the way for the blocky figures!

    If they had made micromachines, that's actually something I would've collected like I do the Star Wars line, cause right now I haven't gotten a single thing from Art Asylum's Trek lines cause just haven't been interested in the 7" figures, not too mention it's hard enough collecting Star Wars stuff. Nice job AA, you definitely lost one customer.
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    one day, someone is gonna wake up to the fact that even after all these years, the st mm's still command a premium price.

    i used to think it was due to their scarcity, but it always seems that someone at any given hour of the day is hawking what's supposed to be hard to find items (collectors set III for example), at skyhigh prices, and there's always someone (or a crowd) lining up to bid higher than the next to get it.

    i guess no one in the toy biz see's the clarity in this one
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    Wink bc3: i skipped the disapproval & went straight to adaptation

    i.e., aa go byebye

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    According to our friends at Hasbro, the micro-fad is over. The mass market (IE - retailers) won't support micro-scaled vehicles. This is not only true for Star Wars, it's true for ANY property, licensed or not. Even G.I. Joe is having trouble in the category and that's a freebie brand for Hasbro.

    Personally, I don't think bigger is better. But apparently there are a lot more who do. Until things change, don't hold your breath for ANY micro-vehicles.

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    Well if that is what both Hasbro and Art Aslyum thinks of a micro line, they can both kiss my A**. Heck they can pick which check they'd like. I'm done. I hope both companies go under
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    oh well

    it would truely be a shame if micro sci fi scale toys were never produced again. i've got plenty to keep me happy for quite some time. it just a shame that i might not experience the thrill of tracking down a new mm sized vehicle.

    i really do miss the hunt, it was a lot of fun, and was always rewarded by a deep feeling of satisfaction once the bag was made.

    if the powers that be of today's toy companies don't see the viability in producing these great toys, it really is a shame.

    i'm just trying to figure out how, they can be so blind to the constant demand that has shown itself for quite a few years on ebay, yet officially tell us that no one wants these

    not quite sure what to make of that, but cest la vie. i'm happy with what i got, and baby.......that's a lot!:happy:
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    Don't see how that'd help here, it's a SW petition aimed at Hasbro.

    Anyway, this is a shame, AA had a good concept to use here and is throwing it away.
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    Right. Sorry about that. MisterPL said Hasbro thinks the Micro fad is over, and I kind of paniced.
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