I was at home and my 9 year old cousin gave me a call. Im 20 and am a major collector and try to help him with his. today he helped me. he called and told me that there were new figs at are wal-mart. I got there and they had the new saga collection figs. they had darth tyranus w/ lightning and acklay obi wan again and they had teebo and eeth koth. they had one of each figure. they also had trash compactors and other good figures. and had alot of things on clearence. My wal-mart is finally doin good. im glad cause I had to go all around the state to find hard figures when the saga figs were first released. I didnt know the eeth koth and all those figures were out yet. has anyone else found em? let me know,I was wonderin iff anyone found more of this wave.