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    What are you listening to?

    I am really bored right now and I don't know when the last thread like this was done so I'll just create a new one

    sooo, what are you listening to at the moment? what's in your cdplayer at the moment, or in your winamp playlist or even on the radio that you're listening to or recently listened to?
    I'll just start, in my cd player is Jagged Edge "Jagged Little Thrill" and at the moment I'm listening to the new Nas "God's Son" on winamp (mp3)
    I'm just curious what your music style/type is
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    Queens of the Stone Age-Feel Good Hit of the Summer (none of that Songs for the Deaf stuff for me)

    EDIT-Well, what started out as just one song has turned into the entire Rated R album. So now I should say Queens of the Stone Age-Rated R (album)
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    Shadows Fall "The Art of Balance"
    Old school metal, very Pantera-Testament style.

    Commercial but good songwriting.

    plus anything 80s metal/hair bands I find on Kazaa
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    Nailbomb "Point Blank"
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    Geez In my cd player I have U2 Joshua Tree and on winamp....I change it according to whatever I am in the mod to listen too. I think the last thing on there was some Tom Petty .
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    I sit here at work on midnights - yeah ok, I have it on Country.. its pretty much one of the only stations I can get tuned in.. I enjoy country regardless.. couldnt tell you who is singing right now though.. it aint the dixie chicks! If I had my laptop with me I'd play my mp3's.. 80's mullet rock.
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    The Phish show from 2 nights ago at the Forum in LA that I saw from the 2nd row. Ummmmmmmmmm.........tasty soundboards!
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    Bowie Pinups
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    Led Zeppelin III

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    These are the last 3 CD's I've played on my computer. How do I know? There still sitting here on my desk, out of their jewel cases. I really need to tiddy up around here.
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    In the CD-ROM drive right now, Lemon Jelly - lost horizons. And on the internal audio player there's a mish mash made up compilation of stuff ranging from Skunk Anansie to obscure nostalgia value tv theme tunes.


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