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    Re: What are you listening to? (merged)

    In my car right now...
    Disturbed, Linkin Park, a dance mix CD, a regge mix CD, Incubus, and INXS (that damn "want to be a lead singer for INXS" show has me listening to that oldie-but-goodie. I can't remember the name of the show).

    In my office "entertainment system" right now...
    Rober Miles, Everything but the Girl, Enigma, Josh Groben, Massive Attack, and an R&B mix tape.

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    Re: What are you listening to? (merged)

    On my iPod I've been listening to System of A Down, Green Day, some old school Beastie Boys, Eminem, Guns n Roses, and Ozzy Osbourne for the past few days. The songs I can't get enough of out of those? "BYOB", "Welcome to the Jungle", "Intergalactic Planetary", "Brass Monkey", "Iron Man" and "American Idiot".
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    Re: What are you listening to? (merged)

    Quote Originally Posted by figrin bran
    arrrggh! i forgot to go pick up the new SR record today. i've seen them twice and both times were awesome.
    Yeah, i saw them in 02 and 03 and they were jawdropping. I also saw them last night in Ann Arbor and it was another stunning show. Thanks to the pre-sale, I had 3 row tickets, DEAD center. Fantastic!! now if i can only figure out how i'm going to work a 10-7 shift today on like 3 hours of sleep.
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    Re: What are you listening to? (merged)

    I got the new Paul McCartney album Chaos and Creation in the Backyard this last week. Its a great cd so far. Doesnt have any big rock songs like in the past. Some great sit down songs.
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    Re: What are you listening to? (merged)

    I've been in a hip-hop mood lately so I've been listening to AZ, Young Jeezy and the newest Black Eyed Peas album. I'll still put Green Days - American Idiot on every now and then for a change.
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    I'm still in the HipHop mood so I've been listening to Bubba Sparxxx's newest album, "The Charm" and Gnarls Barkley "St. Elsewhere". Both are pretty good albums.

    What have you all been listening to lately?
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    Mostly 'Backspin 43' on Sirus sat. radio which is old school rap.

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    Thats a great station. I have been listening to alot of classic rock lately.
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    The Flaming Lips - At War With the Mystics
    Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins - Rabbit Fur Coat
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    For about a week or two I was listening to The People's Champ by Paul Wall but just yesterday I popped in some Toxicity by System of a Down.
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