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I'm on a massive 1990's kick, playing some "vintage" Smashing Pumpkins (anything pre-MCIS), Radiohead (The Bends & OK Computer), and even some Counting Crows (Recovering the Satellites & August and Everything after). Great stuff. "Siamese Dream" is one of the greatest albums ever and i'll have words with anybody who goes against that.
You'll get no argument from me on that. I first heard them with Gish, so I quite like that album as well, but too many of the songs on that one sound the same (I Am One, Siva, and Bury Me seem to have very similar riffs). Mellon Collie has a lot of good tunes, but I think in trying to create an epic 2-CD concept album, there ended up being some inconsistency. Adore went a different direction without Jimmy. Machina was a bit of a return to form, but not as consistent as the earlier albums.

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Does anybody else have different music tastes in the winter? I'm finding that as the temps get colder, I resort to older music in my collection, especially that which feels kind of "cold" or whatnot. IE- "OK Computer" in all its chaotic glory.
I've never noticed any changes in seasonal tastes, other than Christmas tunes.

I happened to see a couple live songs by Kinski on Comcast On Demand, so I put in their CD Alpine Static and listened a couple times last week. A good instrumental album. Something fans of Sonic Youth might like.