"Hey Ladies", same guys, same album.

So I've decided to make an experiment out of this, because there a mountain of pros and cons on both sides. Examples: MP3s don't take up any resources except electricty while Used CDs are actively recycling. Used CD sales don't pay artists for their work, while MP3s are easily pirated.

I've perused Amazon and picked up all 4 Beastie Boys albums I don't have, as used CDs. Each one had to have original packaging in some condition, and be under $4 with shipping. I spent a total of $13.05 with shipping for the 4 albums, 2 of them should be here on Tuesday.

Once I get them, the question will be: are they readable discs, is their packaging in acceptable condition, will they get here in reasonable amounts of time, and will I have a place to put them once they do? (Currently, my CD tower is full and has jewel cases stuffed in the top, so this one is already "no" but how much it matters is the goal IMO.)

I suspect I'll get at least 75% acceptable ratings here, but I do think the near future of media purchases are going to be digital rather than physical, and once the useless labels and studios and publishers are bypassed, pricing will go down on new product to make digital piracy not as commonplace.