Right now it's Zeppelin! Rock and Roll! and now The Rover! YEAAAAAH!

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Wow, all over the place JT! Reminds me of last summer when I picked up a Gordon Lightfoot Best of and a live Metallica album. The guy at the store was a bit confused!
Heh, that's quite a mix, did you listen to them together as well?

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I once bought a 2Pac CD at the same time as an Alanis Morissette one. That confused the clerk a bit.

No love for the Scorpions, JT? Their non-80s stuff is generally quite good, even if their output from that decade is a bit "hairy."

BCJ, you should listen to the very first Chicago album. It's like a totally different band from the stuff they've done since; very jazzy in a "real" jazz way, not a smooth jazz way. (Speaking of which, JT, did your Pandora station play any of Miles' more experimental later stuff? I dig his earlier stuff, but I love when he started getting wild--y'know, the rock/funk/jazz stuff most people seem to hate.)
Tupac and Alanis go together based on their '90s marketing cred.

Example of non-cheesy/horrible Scorpions? I haven't heard one yet.

Pandora doesn't have much of the later Miles stuff in my station, I'm tempted to add a second station based around something like Big Fun, but I suspect any derivatives it produces from that seed will be unbearable - it's very hard to find stuff like that which works for me, like Coltrane's Interstellar Space, I know it's well-liked but to me almost all of it is nails on chalkboard.