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    so you want to be a jedi?

    Saw this tonight and thought, how many of you guys have put the same thing? While Im not ready to denounce my current religon to be a jedi, I do wonder what/how/where they practice.. seems like alot of mediation.. I do know for a joke, thats alot of Jedi!
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    I wonder how many people put SITH as their religion?
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    LOL Eh, that would make it easier for the Jedi to see their "shrowd of the dark side" though, wouldn't it?!?!??
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    Yes master Yoda, looking at the newest census report, it seems there are indeed more than two Siths...
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    It doesn't mention that if Jedi had been accepted as a religion it would have been the fourth largest religion in the UK with only the mainstream established religions being larger.

    Not bad for a Sci Fi movie.

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    Hmm, if this catches on in America, maybe I can start a church of the Jedi and get some of those "Faith-Based Tax Initiatives" Bush has hooked up for us.
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    would that be considered a tithe? or a Sithe? I would have to collect at least 10-15% from each Jedi so I could buy my trooper armor..

    wow.. to think of all the possiblities.. Welcome to the Jedi Temple of St. Louis...
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