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    Exclamation New SnowTrooper Figure Info!!

    Just wanted to head off any argument that might start on these forums regarding the Snowtrooper we are getting. Rebelscum's forums have been hot with complaints about him. So after finding info, I wanted to make sure it was seen. Sorry for the new thread, but it does address a seperate issue then just the figures being up and praise/complaints about them.

    As many of you know, back when we were discussing what we hoped we would be seeing I mentioned the chance that it could be the SnowTrooper: Infanty Officer that appears in the head of the AT-AT. That is the one that we're getting, but I noticed on other forums that people were complaining about his holster and lack of beltpouches on his belt. Well, someone over in GH's forums attached a bigger picture of the Infantry Officer.

    The picture appears to be from that big Star Wars Chronicles book that came out a few years ago. The picture clearly shows other differences, beyond the better made mask and insignia. That this version of the SnowTrooper doesn't have belt pounces and has a holster. Which means there is a good chance that he could also not be wearing the kneepads and boots seen on the basic Troopers. Which makes this new SnowTrooper, highly movie accurate.

    SnowTrooper: Infantry Officer Decipher Card

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    We've got three infantry versions: vintage, POTF2 and Deluxe, while they're not too recent, the Officer doesn't change significantly enough to be unacceptable, it's not like the pouches and such would be useful.

    Overall, the figure is gimmickless and neutral, for that I'm very thankful. This year is the year of the officers. Snowtrooper, Imperial Officers, Captain Antilles, General Dodonna....
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    And there was the Millennium Minted Coin Snowtrooper, too - slightly different from the POTF2 & Deluxe versions.
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    Quite frankly I don't really care. After so many gimmicked figures this a real breath of fresh air to me. I really don't care if I end up with an army of officers, I'm grabbing this figure in the bucketload. It's acurate to the movie, the right height and it's a great figure, and he comes with a splendid accessory with the action feature where it should be. The mask on this new version looks somewhere between the hard mask of the officer and the soft cloth one of the grunts. It could be used for either. There's a possibility at some point in the future that hasbro could tweak this and add the pouches, remove the insignia and shove it out again to really build the army. Just a minor tweak and there's two figures from one. Great. I'm all for that. Just give us a matching general Veers.

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    I've thought that the new snowtrooper looked good from the get-go and now that jarjarbinks has shown us this comparison(from the thigh up) I think this figure is a bad mo fo. Emperor Jargo, Rock ON, give us veers with removable armor.
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    That is a good looking figure. I love it. I always like the snowtrooper better than the regular stormtrooper. They look better and all. Bring it on. I usually only buy one of each, but him......I will go with EJ....bucketload.
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    I know, I love the figure also. I just saw the complaining and arguing over the lack of belt pouches, kneepads, and basic trooper boots on the other forums and wanted to head it off here. After seeing that picture over at GH, it clinched the fact that the Infantry Officer was wearing a slightly different costume then the others.

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    Hey, that's a great pic of the Snowtrooper Officer. The only difference is that Hasbro made the skirt open up like an arch, which I don't like, and the real thing has a squarish opening.
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    I haven't seen a pic of the new Snow Trooper/Officer... Can one of you guys post a pic?

    I'll be there buying a bunch of these as well. I should take a bunch of my Hoth toys outside now and get some pics...
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    Well, there was a picture posted in the "They are Up!!!" thread. I'll just link to that so we don't have to waste server space with another post.

    New SnowTrooper Figure

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