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    It's OK, I'll wait and see.

    There are only 2 things that really interest me- the Clone 3pack and the Hailfire droid.

    Looking forward to being able to build larger armies of clones and droids. I'll probably get the fig's when I see them, but for now, I'll wait for the other toys to go on clearance.
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    Is the ATT tank just a repack of the

    Episode 1 ATT? Or is it different?


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    It's a re-issue, we don't know yet if the tank will have any new detailing or not. The one on display at Toy Fair didn't seem to look very different. But it's nice to see it re-issued, since quite a few people seem to have missed it when it came out for E1.

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    So far, I'm saying "no" because that Yoda just screams "Malibu Stacy with new hat"... and this hat is waaaaaaaay out of character. The figures, the Hailfire droid, and the Geonosian Fighter are all straight from AOTC so I'm not gauging them in this line, but the repainted vehicles don't do anything for me unless they fix the cockpit problems on the Jedi Starfighter.

    The high amount of recycling just makes this line seem like a quick-buck retread right now and the packaging doesn't thrill me. Perhaps there will be more to this line or it'll have more of a character-driven feel to it when it hits, but for now it seems primarily like it wants to be GI Joe.
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    Well I'm happy to see this stuff, I like most of it, but that doesn't mean I'm going to buy it all. The strange thing is, the TF is for retail and collectors right? I say this, because I had no clue there was a fair for toys until I got deep into this hobby. The average Joe will never see this stuff, until it's on the pegs and they will go, "What is this stuff?" that's if we leave a figure or 2. So with that said, I hope there is a cartoon, so this line will live longer than 1 wave. Heck, look at the Star Tours line, It's made after a huge ride at DL and they can't even get the last 2-3 figures out. I really wish I knew someone deep inside Hasbros closed doors to see the monkeys at work. It's probably like Willy Wooka's factory. Hasbro's Ever Lasting Gum, (GOB?) stopper, is Ephant Mon. So at this time I like what I see.
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    I said Yes. I realize most of these are reissues, but nevertheless am looking forward to them. I'm especially looking forward to the army building sets.

    I've been reading more and more recently about how they (Hasbro) aren't doing this right or making what people really want. I, for one, appreciate some variety. When I was a kid and got the Imperial Troop Transport, I didn't gripe about how it wasn't from the movie (it actually did show up in a couple of issues of Marvel's series). I just had a great tiime with it because it added to my collection.

    Basically, I'd rather have Hasbro try new things than just kill the line like Playmates did with Star Trek.

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    Excited? Not At All

    There are only two things so far that I'm interested in. One is the Clone Trooper Pack and two is the Jedi Starfighter in that new funky color. Other than that, I'm not going to be spending a whole lot of money on this (IMO) boring new line. Like I said a hundred times before, I'm not really interested in a Gazillion Yoda's, Mace's etc. The Clone Troopers are simply needed to build armies and I sure as hell don't armies of Yoda's and Anakinís etc. As for the Starfighter, rehashed or not I like the new color and plan on having at least four of them. (Two of each color) It seems when Hasbro runs out of fresh new ideas they get nuttier and nuttier every time, pretty soon we are going to see everything on new cards; but nothing is going to be new but the card itself.

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    I can't wait to see the new figs. They look pretty good. All lines of figures have their good and bad but hopefully we can get some figures that haven't been introduced yet.
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    I am going to buy one of each. I just wish that they would make the green and the blue clone troopers. But I still think that the new stuuf looks cool so far.


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