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    Lightbulb clones

    We are finally getting the Armies we asked for in the Clone Trooper and Droid packs. You need alot of Clone regular foot soldiers and RED droids to make a good Genosian Battle scene. I will certainly buy the Genosian Fighter and the Hailfire droid. The repaints maybe not, unless they have unique functions not found on the originals. > About the Star Wars animation cartoons. Remember the Starship Troopers Roughnecks done in CGI. Something along those lines would be easy for Star wars animators to do. I think it would be highly profitable. Think of all the toys they could sell on saturday mornings.
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    I think it stinks Hasbro didn't show to the media at Toy Fair.
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    More EU please

    Originally posted by jedi-cpa
    "Is the ATT tank just a repack of the Episode 1 ATT? Or is it different?"

    I thought the same, but it looks like the droid sticking out the top is different. Before it was just a flip up piece... other than that I bet it is identical (except for Hasbro's famous "battle damage")

    I am looking forward to this new line of figures. However, I can't believe they (Hasbro) haven't taken advantage of the bestselling New Jedi Order books. I like the past EU stuff and hope they produce some New Republic Jedi and Vong etc. I'd rather see that than Clone Wars figures, but I'll take what I can get. NOW, let's get some of the last three + waves of figures in Alaska.
    I haven't seen Ephant Mon, or anything since him up here... the shelves are bare so that's not the issue. Can anyone tell me why I have seen the red destroyer, yoda high jedi and nothing else since before christmas?

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    The droid stuck in the top, doesn't come with the toy.
    Armored Assault Tank (AAT) (figure not included)
    There was never a flip up piece with the original tank, there was a level that raised the figure you put into the cockpit though. They just stuck one of the Red Battle Droids in it, for display purposes.

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    I chose NOT! First of all what did they show? Pretty much nothing. And whatever they did show, pretty much sucks. WHat happened to the days of cool figures. Each day that passes, my interest in this line diminishes. I am no longer a completist, I will buy what i like, and it isn't much.
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    Clone Trooper pack a must.
    Rambo-Yoda not interested - reminds me of the much hated R5-D4 concept with the shooting missiles which was largely panned by collectors (but I'll buy it anyway because I am a Star Wars figure lemming).
    Can't financially afford to be a completist when it comes to vehicles so the only vehicle would be the hail-fire missle droid that must make it into my collection.

    Is the hail-fire missile droid technicially a figure or a vehicle?

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    I'm in Heaven!!!!

    As a big Army builder this new line is great for me!

    Three pack of clones! (I just hope they'll be all white and not two white and 1 yellow like it seems it's going to be)
    Also RED battle droids! They only way to get these so far is either the Target accessory set which is a rip at $10 a pop or the elusive Mace/Battle droid deluxe set. Yes there was a set with the red BD, I got two of them.

    If the Super BD is a different sculpt and a three pack for $10, I will undoubtedly buy a couple of packs.

    Curious that they didn't show the Jedi three pack. i will probably only buy one of these IF they are of non-descript Jedi. If they are repacks of existing figs I think these will be the biggest pegwarmers of this new line.

    HAILFIRE Droid! YES! I look forward greatly to having about 4 of these bad .....'s

    Geonosian fighters, hell yea! I'll get two of these for sure.

    I heard the new gunship will have electronics, if so then I WILL get at least one. If not and it's the same mold as the previous then I'll pass as I already have two gunships

    I imagine I'll get one of the aquamarine Jedi Starfighters.

    Commando Yoda! Yeah, I'll get one for the novelty of the item.

    All in all this is a great line to revitalize SW collecting. At least for Army builders and I think kids as well. Completists no, carded collectors maybe not, but this line definitely has an appeal to many others. I greatly look forward to they're release, just wish I didn't have to wait until the fall as indicated by press release they put out.
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    Re: Excited? Not At All

    Originally posted by brandon
    There are only two things so far that I'm interested in. One is the Clone Trooper Pack and two is the Jedi Starfighter in that new funky color. Other than that, I'm not going to be spending a whole lot of money on this (IMO) boring new line. Like I said a hundred times before, I'm not really interested in a Gazillion Yoda's, Mace's etc. The Clone Troopers are simply needed to build armies and I sure as hell don't armies of Yoda's and Anakinís etc. As for the Starfighter, rehashed or not I like the new color and plan on having at least four of them. (Two of each color) It seems when Hasbro runs out of fresh new ideas they get nuttier and nuttier every time, pretty soon we are going to see everything on new cards; but nothing is going to be new but the card itself.
    They already did that. It was called the POTF green card line, remember. I am sure we can look forward to plenty of that in the future--always using the kids as an excuse, for sure.

    I can't believe you are excited about re-paints. Buy one yourself on clearance and paint it yourself. Don't support this drivel.

    The Yoda sucks.

    I don't think a lot of people got the AAT (including me), so that is cool.

    I am excited about the hailfire droid and the geonosian fighter and the clone commander (hope he ends up being a different pose). Just a note, there was a disclaimer on the Hasbro website saying that the army builders they used for the display were preview clones--not necessarily representative.

    Do you think there's any chance of an AT-TE based on this mess.
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    I said OK because I can't afford it!!!
    Those Gentle Giant busts look COOL!!!
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    I'm going to have to wait and see. Its unlikely I'll buy re-issued figures and less that I'll I get re-issue vehicles. But some of the new stuff like the Hailfire droid look cool. Also in the last couple of months factors ranging from school to not being able to find stuff, I find that my over all interest has reach an all time low. So low interest and hard to find produces combined with few items that I want may stop me from collecting newer stuff. Tis a sad day went that happens.
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