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    Steve is hinting at the private retailer/press showing at Hasbro's RI offices that is coming up in March. That's when they will have a large showroom and show the new products.

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    You know what this line reminds me of? The "Droids" line, a very cartoony cartoon and the figures aren't cartoony at all because most are repaints.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    I voted not for now, but I'll admit that I'll probably look forward to this more with the animated shorts later this year. Either way I'm a sucker and will end up buying all the figures anyways, so what does it matter, they're still getting my money.
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    I voted yes, excited because of the fact that Hasbro is finally bringing back the screen scenes! I have always loved the screen scenes!!!!!
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    Clone Wars

    I don't think this is a terribly illogical step for hasbro. If you remember a couple issues ago in toyfare that had an article about this whole expanded universe they were going to move into after ROTJ came out, but the line died. So I'd attribute this a little more credit.

    As far as what I'm going to get, I've never been much into the vehicles, I wind up buying them and having nearly nowhere to put them by this point.

    The figures however, I'd say battle droid and clone packs are a must, yoda's going to have to come home (maybe I can cut that bandolier off!), but otherwise nothing looked to...exciting. I do however love the new removable helmet vader they're coming out with EXCEPT he's got a STUPID lightsaber chucking action feature thing that makes one whole side of his body look ridiculous, if you look closely at the picture on hasbro's website you can see it. It's like the second Aragorn figure toybiz released for LOTR with the "arrow shooting action" when it was more like "look my body's 1/3 too big and my arms ball joint sticks out to a foolish degree"' action. But I'm not bitter!

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    I like the idea, but Hasbro needs to revamp their production area or get some new ideas in with the old. Maybe they (Hasbro) should send a poll out to kids and collectors and see what the consumers want for a change.

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    Well we just had a fan figure poll and we are getting 2 OT figures of my dreams, but I know what you mean.

    [list=1][*]Ask if we want more OT figures, which the Fan Poll answered[*]Ask if we want a EU line, which had failed in the pasted.[*]Ask us if we want super posed figure.[*]Ask us if we want cheap gimmicks[*]Ask us if we want quality figures, not what we have been getting.[/list=1] Please remember that these are my thoughts and should be treated as so. Now you may attack.
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    I'm very happy to see this stuff. The Jedi Star Fighter and Republic Gunship are kinda stupid, but the rest is realy cool. I like the hailfire droid and the geonosian fighter. I'm also glad the AAT is coming out. I just hope they get circulated this time because I never saw them in stores at all the last time they were released, and they went for sick prices on E-bay. I would love to have two or three of those. As for the clone troopers, bring em on because I could never find the preview clone troopers that much, and when I did find 'em I never had the seven dollars to pay for them. The only ones that I have are the red and yellow one's. Thanks Hasbro!

    I have two clone trooper pilot's for trade. PM me with a offer if you want 'em
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