View Poll Results: Would you prefer that Hasbro dropped the action features or not?

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  • Yes, drop them right now.

    308 59.46%
  • No, I think they're neat Hasbro could do with adding more features.

    90 17.37%
  • Not sure, what are they again?

    12 2.32%
  • They just need refining a bit and then they'll work okay.

    108 20.85%
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    Would you prefer that Hasbro dropped the action features or not?

    Action features: to be or not to be. That is the discussion.

    Emperor Jargo contributes a question for the polls:

    Would you prefer that Hasbro dropped the action features or not?
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    I didn't vote. My vote would be do whatever the hell you want with the toy line, they look good from inside the package with action features, or without. Basically, I haven't been affected by it, but I can sympathize with the people who open their toys.
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    Umm, nice poll Tycho. But isn't it really a pretty moot point right now? Especially after Hasbro's Press Release from when Luke: Jedi 2003 and 2004, were revealed?
    While kids love the cool action features, the wave of figures including Luke, Darth Vader and the Snowtrooper will be the last wave for 2003 with action features.
    Doesn't mean that we won't see them in 2004, but it's highly unlikely. But Hasbro has to leave a little wiggle room. They can't state 100% that they never will be back. Like Commtech Chips, Hasbro realized that many didn't really care for them. And things like magnets/removable limbs don't really fall under Action Features anyway.

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    "Acton"features are lame.
    If i want them to do something i'll do it myself like i did in the 70's and 80's.
    The price for these "features"is high.
    Everytime i go looking through my figures i get half a Darth Maul the legs of a Battle Droid,handless Luke's and Anakins..
    I thought i lost Jango's head like 5 times i almost opened a sealed one thinking i'd lost it for good one time..
    I don't like having to root around for parts of bodies.
    If you're going to do detachable parts DON"T use the magents make em like the green card POTF Bespin Luke so they snap on.
    Aside from the lost limbs all the "shooting" and Jedi"powers"=big stupid levers and no articulation.
    Who are they making these for?
    I know(mainly)kids,but most kids don't need help playing..


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    Drop them. Even though we already know it will happen this year for sure. It's the worst thing to happen to figures ever. And while they're at it, drop the action poses too.
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    The big clunky action features, like the Mace Windu swinging his lightsaber figure looks bad. The action features that require the figure to be unposeable, like Pandme' Quick Draw are bad also.

    BUT, I like the removeable limbs and heads and masks etc. I like the flying R2 coming out also. Launching missiles are less likeable, but fun also... line 'em up and Fett will knock 'em down.

    I agree w/ Jererrod though... drop the action poses... Luminara can't just stand there... Do action poses like the Tantive IV defender... he can stand, sit, kneel, and pray if he wants...

    Best thing that can come from dropping action features... Hasbro will have no reason to keep making the same *&$#@ figure over and over again!!!

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    Red face Dale and his big mouth chime in...

    Well... I can't say that I have ever LOST any of these parts like karinations has. That, to me, is like losing the guns and lightsabers and helmets. "Just be a little more careful with your toys" as my mother used to say.

    The action features that "slash", "throw", "launch (like the spring-loaded arms) or "quick draw" are among the WORST offenders in this line. The light up and sound feature on Artoo wasn't bad, but I'd only like to see this on figures that can accomodate such features. The Deluxe Jango Fett #1 was horrid because of the unreasonable sizeof his backpack.

    Action poses are another thing I can live without. When we were kids and had the vintage line... our adventures were limitless. The problem with the poses are that the LIMIT what a figure can do.
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    Drop the action features...too bad the Jedi Luke we're getting will probably be stuck with his arms up in the air...instead of a fighting stance.
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    Leave them for the deluxe figs.

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    I'm in between remove them and refine them. On the one hand a number of them, like the quick draws and slashers, are lame and I'm sure prone to breakage. But on the other I like the removable limbs and with a little more these would work well. And I have to confess that if I were a kid I'd the magnetic lightsaber so I kind of like them now.
    In the long run I'd like to the action features dropped, but for the short term refining them is what I'd rather see.
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