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    Would you be interested in a Master Replica's Dejerik Chess Board?

    Who would buy an entertainment console modeled directly after the Millennium Falcon's?

    No an 8 foot tall Wookiee is not included, nor would you get "real holo-technology." But costs for certain sets could be rather pricey.

    First, does the item interest you? Then let's discuss what it could entail: actual playability, with model pieces or special action figures made of all the holo-chess pieces, electronics for "you vs. the computer" play, (like electronic chess sets have been made in the past), and life-size scale or not? (we're talking about just the chess table, not the Millennium Falcon's acceleration seats from the crew lounge, too)

    Make a consumer decision about this, not just "yeah that'd be so cool!" We are asking, 'but what would you buy?'

    *at this stage we are not polling who wants pewter, another metal, mint silver statues, or poseable action figures of the Mantellian Savvrip, and in what color - but feel free to discuss that and if that is any influence on whether you would purchase this item.

    Our sponsor is very interested in hearing what you have to say.
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    I would buy one if I could afford it. I would buy it if it was exactly like it was in the movie. The slamming of other characters on the board etc.
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    Would I buy the acutual game board? No

    Would I buy a Console or PC version? Yes.
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    I would definitely be interested in buying the actual game board. I think it could be done in movie size. Yeah. . . it would be a little pricey, but it would definitely be worthwhile. They could make the gamepieces action figure size. It would have to come with detailed instructions too. . . of course.

    A console, or PC version, would be cool too but would lack the authenticity of the movie version. I'm not sure that they would be able to make an entire game strictly based on the Dejarik game itself. It would have to be an aspect of a game I think.
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    Strictly defined, "a console" is a base, or platform - it definitely does not mean a video game player in this particular case, as Master Replicas makes metallic, solid prop replicas.

    The fact that they make F/X electronic lightsabers suggests that lighting and sound effects are within their pervue to look at, and since 'electronic battleship' is only slightly less sophisticated then electronic chess sets, it seems feasible that this could be more than a prop console, but an actual, playable board game - even vs. the computer (if you find the majority of the earth's population does not want to play Star Wars with you).
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    I'm for it if the price is right. There really isn't much to the table itself. The pieces, electronics and sound is where this detail is critical.

    I would only buy it if:

    Completely Movie Accurate

    Affordable (For me that's around $150 or less)

    Has ALL of the Dejarik figures. Even if these are not fully poseable (at least the "arms" of the figures should move) okay, but NOT STATUES! these do not have to 3 3/4 scale but at least to scale with each other (or again movie accurate)

    Has electronic sounds and lights

    These are just what is off the top of my head.

    As to the materials it's made of, they should be somewhat sturdy as I'm sure that if this is "playable", I along with others would probably lean or put there arms/elbows on it.
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    I'd rather buy a MR lightsaber or remote, over that table any day.
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    I immediately thought of 'Electronic Battleship' as well. Player vs. Computer would be a vital option for the Dejerik table. It can, and should be done.
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    As a once and future MR customer I voted "No".


    - The size- if it were actual size, well, it wouldn't be HUGE, but still, I'm running out of room as it is

    - The cost- I would picture this costing at least $500 for the table and all the pieces, add in the possibility of it being electronic

    Now, I do think it would be very cool to have, as a SW collector. If it were just the round table top/gameboard, to help reduce the cost I might be more interested.

    Another thing to consider is the game pieces: To be movie realistic, they'd have to be holo's, anything else would be one too many steps into the "real" world. I would want to see side by side photo's of prop and replica to see how accurate they were.

    maybe have 2 offerings: just the game pieces (as statues, or more like action figures), and game pieces and board together.

    What if MR teamed w/ hasbro to work together on this?

    Tycho- please let MR know that in '04 I'd like to see Chewie's Bowcaster, and maybe Lando's Force Pike (or whatever its called) from Jabba's palace. And if they can do another lifesize Han in carbonite that would be sweet!
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    I'd say 95% of yes respondants

    are full of it!

    You aren't gonna buy it, it is gonna cost an arm and a leg. I am beginning to think sir steve should begin to look for other advertisers here like Charles Schwab and the NASDAQ bacause if you all bought as much s you say you would buy you must all have millions in the bank.

    Why doesn't sir steve offer the free real time streamer across the bottom of the main page.

    How much money do you people have? Seriously!


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