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    Are you excited by what Hasbro showed of the Clone Wars Collection at Toy Fair?

    The Clone Wars are no time for bad indecision!

    If the Cannon's paid for, will you take the Universe?

    Some will say the Yoda and new Clone Wars figures & vehicles rock!

    Others are thinking "Poncho-Yoda and lime-flavored starfighters aren't for me!"

    One way or another the Imperial Revolution is getting it on!

    What's your take on Hasbro at Toy Fair?
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    Stuff looks pretty good to me, can't wait to see more of it. Not all of it is EU stuff though, so everyone should be able to find things that they like. The aqua Jedi Starfighter is from a Deleted Scene from AOTC's. And of course the CloneTroopers, Droids, Hailfire Droid, Geonosian Fighter, etc. are all from AOTC's as well.

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    I like it. But then, I liked Shadows of the Empire too.

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    I chose NOT, at this time, until I see something on the pegs, or more figures or photos.

    I'm jazzed at the prospect of new and different figures, outfits, and new card style. iffy, the troopers I would like, and I'd have to see more to make a good decision. The droids look the same old, same old, cept that battle droid launcher sound interesting. I think most would make a cool addition to my collection. And I'm in the camp of people who like the EU stories and figures...even thought I passed on those concept airspeeders, swoop, and whatever that last of the 3 was. I liked the snowobi-wan, the jedi training gear items and the sith training maul. Loved the shadows line, and the Mara Jade line, but I am actually interested in seeing more of the line...if its just a new cloke here, bandolier there, I may pass...but I'll wait a bit, BUT here's the NOT part.

    I had to moan, scowl, fume, grind my teeth, when I seen the re-paint on the ships. The new gunship paint job looks bad in the photo and I'll have to think hard about dropping another 40 bucks on that thing, especially when they are currently discounted for 17 or so. I think EE had them up for pre-order and they were tipping in somewhere in the 30's. The Tank, Starfighter, Gunship, already had their day, collected dust, got marked way down and now they are trying it again. I just have to shake my head. I'm more upset about seeing a rehash of old ships with a new deco job on them. That hit the hardest and left the biggest impression.

    If the bulk of the line is a new paint job or little things added to old figures and ships, I will probably pass on this line, but until I see more figures, details on things I'm not overly excited. Hasbros track record for rehash has me believing that some if not most figures will be re-issued with some splash of paint or facial expression...

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    I said it's OK. I like the figures, but vehicles with new paint jobs don't appeal to me (maybe if they had a cool new figure, but just a ship doesn't).

    I'd rather see more figures from the movies that had speaking lines, but I do like the army builder sets of clone troops and droids coming out.

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    I'm looking forward to the new toys despite Yoda looking like a bad version of Rambo. The one I really want is the Hailfire Droid. Thats cool.
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    I will not buy a single thing in that picture.
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    For some time now, I've tried my best to be a good Hasbro citizen as a completist.

    Even the EU stuff from before had some cartoony appeal.

    But something about the new stuff isn't quite doing it for me. Don't know why just yet. Maybe it's because there's so much actual film stuff I'd like to see first. Maybe it's because the Prequels are fading from my interest radar as the days wear on. Perhaps when I see it in person I'll change my mind. I'll put this issue in the "wait and see" column.

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    "Excited? That's hardly enough to get me excited." No, but seriously, I have to see more to judge. Right now, it doesn't look too impressive, but I forsee this will be a great line this year. The Clone trooper 3-pack seems to be leading the pack. (Ooops, I used "pack" twice in the same sentence)
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    While I am happy to see Clone Wars spun off into it's own line, I am more intrigued with the statement that Hasbro released saying that there was not only toys, but "entertainment."

    Taken diretly from the Hasbro Press Release on

    "As kids and collectors continue to enjoy re-living the adventure of the Star Wars saga through Hasbro's toy line, they will be excited with the news of new Clone Wars-themed toys and entertainment in 2003. Clone Wars is Lucasfilm's story of good and evil and the galactic conflict that takes place between Star Wars Episodes II and III."

    The part that strikes me in particular is: "news of new Clone Wars-themed toys and entertainment in 2003."

    Entertainment in my interpretation... a "cartoon"? I recall reading about Lucas talking with Cartoon Network to develop a show based on Clone Wars, but last thing I had read it didn't get very far, and a lot of people were thinking it wasn't going to make it to air, or if it did, would be on very late as part of Toonami Midnight Run, or Adult Swim.

    Does anyone have any updated news on that? Is there a show in the works? Will it be Cell or CGI? I would love to see it all CGI, since it's been proven that they can make an effective, photo-realistic CGI character (Yoda, Clone Troopers, Even Jar Jar).

    If the show is a success, and the toys represent the show well... I can see this being another huge cash cow for Lucas!!!!!!!

    Until the next time.....
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