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    Episode I Fambaa For POTF2/POTJ Vehicles

    Basically I'm looking for either an individual or combination of vehicles that compare in value of the Fambaa.

    Please email me at with the subject of Sir Steve's Trading Post if you are interested!

    My wants:


    Electronic Millennium Falcon
    Electronic X-Wing Fighter
    Tie Fighter
    Imperial AT-AT
    Electronic Rebel Snowspeeder
    A-Wing w/Pilot
    Skiff w/ Jedi Luke
    Y-Wing w/ Pilot


    B-Wing Fighter w/Pilot
    AT-ST w/Paploo & Speederbike

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    No interest from the boards has forced my to place it up for bid on eBay....

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    You still have the Fambaa? If so, send me a message, I have a bunch of POTF2 vehicles on your list.
    Message me on facebook for a quicker response:
    SSG RECOMMENDED TRADERS: BIG MAC, cohens4, Dar' Argol, icatch9
    I am getting rid of my entire carded/boxed collection. I have almost every variation from POTF2. If there is anything you need, just let me know.


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