It’s a very interesting debate we’re having here and you’re right in what you say and that capitalism is a huge part of it and isn’t it a pity as capitalism is what has caused all the problems in the world along with religion and politics but lets not get into that debate.

I guess that the reason to my passion for scale and accuracy comes from my days as a model kit builder and collector and that it “might” not be a possibility when it comes to the LEGO Star Wars line and especially the so called mini figure scale but it’s not impossible at all.

Just look at the release of the 10026 “Special Edition” Naboo Fighter as I refer to it, couldn’t be called “UCS” as that’s 1:28 scale in my opinion, that’s more of a scale model in the mini figure scale even though it doesn’t include a cockpit and a mini figure except for R2-D2.

Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know it just include the R2-D2 head…

That’s a very good example that The LEGO Group “can” release mini figure scale vehicles and spaceships that are “more” in scale and accurate to the original filming miniatures and if it hadn’t been for those chrome parts that set wouldn’t have been more expensive then 7141.

I’m very positive that most of the vehicles and spaceships sets released, at least the smaller ones like the X-Wing Fighter, Desert Skiff and AT-ST to name a few, so far could under go the “Special Edition” treatment without raising the cost of the sets way too much for anyone.

As you guys might understand the 10026 Special Edition Naboo Fighter set has grown on me.

By the way… As I’m built more like a wrestler at 6’ 3” and 280 lbs and look like a biker with long hair I simply couldn’t be referred to as “Madame” so I’ll settle for “Old Grumpy Grandpa Lars…”

Kindest regards,

Lars ”Sweden” Olsson in Sundsvall, Sweden.