Hey folks,

I hear that alot of people are still having a hard time finding enough Clone Pilots and Shaven Endor Soldiers to fill their needs. Are you one of these people? Well I don't have any in my possesion but a quick run to over 4 stores in my area could provide the solution. I'm serious, about 4 stores in my area have tons of each of these figures.

It's probably a long shot though because I am interested in most of the figures from the new 2003 waves, Deluxe Clone Trooper w/ speederbike, and of course the elusive Ephant Mon. I'm not sure if anyone has gotten there hands on these and still is having a hard time finding the Clone Pilot though. But frankly i'm sick and tired of going to the store only to find the same stuff that I already have, so if you are interested give me a mail at starhorse@velocitus.net