Have you watched Fox lately? Are you as annoyed as I am by cars driving across the screen or women chasing Joe Millionaire, sometimes with accompanying sound effects? How about E!'s scrolling news ticker every 7 minutes that "squishes" the rest of the image, or their yapping Sugar Pie animation inviting you to view Anna Nicole's show? What about TNN completely cutting off the bottom of the screen with a black bar that usually just tells you what you're already watching? Or how about MTV's various explosions of graphics coming at you from all over the screen, or whenever they miraculously play a real video the text title and credits are massive? Or how about stations like VH1 where their logo never disappears and isn't transparent?

Some of these stupid graphics take up 1/6th of the image and all just so they can continue to annoy you with 16 minutes per hour of advertising! I remember when I thought the translucent FOX logo on the Simpsons was kinda annoying, now I long for the days when it was just that simple. We already have to suffer though 1/4th of our viewing time with commercials, why must they submit us to commercials during the other 3/4ths of the time?