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    what are your favorite AF minifigs?


    destroyer droid


    Starship Troopers soldiers
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    Difficult to choose one,
    I think the R7 unit with it's Imperial emblem dome is a funny figure.
    I also like the Barman (Bardroïd) R2 from the Sail Barge, the Darth Maul from the Infiltrator, the Darth Vader with removable helmet from the Death Star playset, the Biggs Darklighter "Anachore" from the T-16 Skyhopper, the concept-art figures from the Alpha series (all), the concept B'Omarr monk, minig demolition mech, Treadwell from the "Droïds" set, the Cloud Car pilot...
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    • Lucas pilot, TIE Interceptor
    • Porkins, Porkins' X-wing
    • Xizor, Virago
    • Han in Carbonite, Slave I
    • Pilot Battle Droid, Series Alpha droid fighter (though that set really should have come with 2)
    • E-wing pilot & R7, E-wing
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    ANY and ALL AF FIGURES are my favorite. To bad Hasbro doesn't understand. I'd love to add a Jango, Zam, Dooku, Anakin and a Super Battle Droid to my collection.
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    Muftak and any of the R2s and R5's - sorry don't like the R7; it looks cephalically squished and was too different from the (albeit non-canon) Vulcan-stylee R7 in EGTD.


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    I do love the R2 bar figure. But my all time favorite is the Han Solo in Carbonite figure. Too bad I can't get him out an examine him (or play with him :happy: ) since he is still in the box.
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    Lightbulb hey jdah, if you don't like r7. . .

    . . .i'd be happy to take it offa hands cuz as i recall b4 i fwd'd it to you i thought it was kinda cool, even tho you say it wasn't aVaTared enough

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    I don't like the 3 AF B-wings either but you ain't sniffin' after them are you?

    Me give an astromech away? Imagine that


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    My favorite action fig is the Moff tarkin, sold wiht the TIE
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    Mine would have to be Han Solo in carbonite.I still haven't taken it out of the box but it's still the best.
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