i have been looking for five certain figures for the longest time now, without any luck. if you have any of these five figures, please email me at cohens4@umdnj.edu. i would love to work something out with you. i have a "haves list" listed below, or i could purchase them..........

OC Luke Tatooine short saber in long tray (#1 priority)
OC Boba Fett .00 with full circles on hands
POTJ Tusken Raider on a Collection 1 card
POTJ Sebulba .0000
POTJ Gungan Warrior .0300

Greedo with Yellow Pins in Knees on US Card
Ponda Baba .00 with Grey Beard
Rebel Fleet Trooper .00
Max Rebo and Doda Bodonawieedo Band Pair Exclusive
TRU exclusive Millenium Minted Coin Bespin Han
OC Luke Tan Vest with Raised Rings C8
GC Luke Jedi Knight
CT R2 with Holographic Leia
Flashback Darth Vader with double arrows on tab
FF Princess Leia Hoth
CT Han Solo
OC Han Solo in Carbonite .00
GC luke Stormtrooper .02
GC Princess Leia Slave Outfit

Jorg Sacul
Silver R2-D2
Anakin Tatooine Attack X2
"Bloody" Luke
Teemto Pagalies
Darth Maul Sith Training
Count Dooku
Preview Jango

Anakin with white Bonus Pit Droid
Obi Wan with red Bonus Pit Droid
Darth Maul Jedi Duel with Bonus Battle Droid
Obi Wan with Bonus Battle Droid
Jar Jar on Italian card (packaged without battle staff)

Anakin Mechanic
Coruscant Guard .0400
Bespin Han Solo .0100 X2

12" Dark Lords of the Sith (Vader/Maul 2 Pack)

VINTAGE (all loose)
Han Carbonite (no block)

Tales of the Jedi:
Dark Lords of the Sith #1,2
Phantom Menace #1-4, (from QVC with special eidtions Obi wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker autographed by the author)
Crimson Empire II #1
Shadows of the Empire- Evolution #1-5
Tales from Mos Eisley
Jabba the Hut
--Gaar Suppoon Hit
--Hunger of Princess Nampi
--Dynasty Trap
Boba Fett- When the Fat Lady Sings
--Rebellion #1-4
--Season of Revolt #1-4
Protocol offensive (Co-written by Anthony Daniels)
Han Solo at Star's End #1-3
X-Wing Rogue Squadron
--Phantom Affair #1, 2, 4
--Family Ties #1-2
--Requiem for a Rogue #1-4
--Warrior Princess #1,2,4
--Masquerade #1,2
River of Chaos #1 & #3
Prelude to Rebellion #1-6