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    Alias Star Jennifer Garner is married to a goofball!?

    Is anyone aware that Alias star and new super hero hottie Jennifer Garner is married to a goofball? Her husban is new NBC sitcom star Scott Foley.

    It's not like I'm upset that she's married. It just doesn't make any sense to me. I just don't understand, and that sort of thing drives me nuts

    I suppose that this gives hope to all goofy not so good looking guys out there.
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    It just doesn't make any sense to me??
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    It gives us guys who are goofy looking hope that we'll strike gold someday.
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    i think they both met when they were on "felicity". i've never seen any of the guy's work, but he looks normal to me. not dorky, but surely no brad pitt or george clooney.

    and keep in mind when they met and married, garner wasn't the star she is now. if she were single today, she'd have much better stock to choose from.

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    Yeah, they met on Felicity. His wife seemed to be all that guy talked about when he was on Conan's show last week.
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    I mean, would it really be better if she was doing the horizontal mambo with underwear models????
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    No it wouldn't be better. As I've said I don't care who she married to, to me it just dosn't make any sense. An underwear model would make much more sense.

    Perhaps I should apploud her for marrying someone who she likes unstead of for looks. Wich seems to happen alot in Hollywood. Plus, I'm sure she's got that guy wrapped tightly around her little finger. That seems clear with Foleys interview with Conan.

    I guess I'd be all gaga over her to if I was married to her. I can see that guy just jumping up and down and shouting "I'M MARRIED TO A REAL HOT CHICK!!!!" About ten times a day .
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    when I saw Garner on Conan's show recently, she too was "gaga" over her husband.

    It all comes down to taste, I'm sure you'd find PLENTY of people who find that guy attractive, just as there are many people who don't think that much about Garner's looks. I personally think she's gorgeous, but even in the local DareDevil thread there are opinions that she isn't that attractive.

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    Yeah, I mean, if Jennifer Garner was the worst catch I made, my life would be great.

    However, I don't think she even comes close to the top 100.
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    I love Jennifer Garner. And one day, I'm going to marry her.


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