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    Originally posted by Caesar
    Wow JT, you must be pretty hot if you look ANYTHING like Jennifer Garner!
    No, that should tell you just how bad they made her look.

    icatch9, interesting investigational work on that, but darn you for giving me an inkling of hope that NBC won't do the wrong thing here. If it makes a comeback in March, that'll be just in time for pre-sweeps so NBC can prove to the producers that if the network buries a show enough, not even sweeps can get an audience. It's psychotic thinking, but I believe it's not a prerequisite that you have to work as a scheduling exec for a TV network, you have to have a degree in communications, a few semesters of sociology, and a number of anti-psychotic medications for your underlying schizophrenia that you can stop taking whenever quality programming accidentally crosses your desk.

    I can't imagine where they're gonna put Just Shoot Me, it's already bombed out as a Thursday show and multiple Tuesday timeslots... maybe they'll air it as the 2nd half of Dateline Monday.
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    I'm sorry I gave you hope. I'll remember that you are much happier in a pesimistic world . I have hope that it will show up sometime. So, I'll hope for both of us .

    I don't know why Just Shoot Me bombed. I think it's funny. This is the shows 7th year on TV. I can't imagine NBC yanking a show that's been on air so long without a final send off. They could, but they shouldn't. I can see the show comeing to an end, but not like this .

    I don't know about pre-sweeps. Perhaps Hidden Hills will come back in the summer. Kind of like that show with that little blond opera chick. You know that girl who was Frasiers new Agent. Anyway, her show had a summer run and it sucked. Perhaps Hidden Hills with get a second chance in the summer and do better. After all Sienfeld had a summer turn around and it did alright after that .

    NBC is going to need to do something. Friends isn't going to be on forever. Will and Grace can't carry the network alone. Scrubs is funny, and I love it, but I don't see it carrying on the tradition that Cheers, Seinfeld, and Friends have set forth. When Friends does end, NBC will have to scramble to keep thier Thursday night Kingdome intact.
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    I think Just Shoot Me fell on too much network meddling. Adding a new main character into the mix was the final straw to the show's woes (most due to NBC sched-shifting it almost weekly).

    Friends has 1 year left, then it's gone. There's no way AUSA could ever fill that gap if it stays the way it is, Scott Foley just doesn't have a great show there IMO. As for the others, we'll see but I bet it'll be the same and Thursday will go back to being up for grabs.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    This just in: Jennifer Garner and Scott Foley have called it quits.

    Apparantly she woke up one morning and realized that she was Jennifer Garner and she was married to Scott Foley.

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    Yeah, I heard about it on Howard Stern this morning, too.
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    Ha ha, hear that icatch? Now's the time to move in on Garner.
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    This is from

    Alias star Jennifer Garner and her actor husband Scott Foley have "mutually decided to separate," a representative confirmed to TV Guide Online. The duo met on Felicity in 1998 and wed in October 2000.

    Let the stalking begin!

    Still can't believe AUSA is still on the air...
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    Thanks for that bit of gossip. She probally realized that she can get a much more hotter and succesful man as her suiter. I hate to see marages break up, but this just never looked right to me.

    AUSA isn't exactly on air right now. I don't think it's been canceled, but on it says "an upcomeing episode has yet been scheduled". That means they still have the show, but don't plan on showing it for a while. I imagine it will be back on in the summer .

    Just shoot me is returning in two weeks with back to back new episodes. I'm glad to see this show back on as I really like the show and David Spade.

    Watching Ellie is on next week and again the following Tuesday. The shows format has changed a bit so it may be funny. I didn't mind it befor, but realized that it wouldn't last. It was differnt and not exactly funny. Have to wait and see if it's "live studio audience" does anything for it. I hope it does well just so there is a chance of seeing Sienfeld as a gust star . I mean, she's a lounge singer, he's a comidian. It's a perfect match and the episode almost rights itself.
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