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    Women sues theater over pre-movie advertisments

    I read this today on Yahoo!:

    High school teacher Miriam Fisch wants those four minutes of her life back -- and she thinks Loews Cineplex ought to pay for their alleged theft. In a class-action lawsuit filed in Illinois state court on behalf of all Loews patrons, the Chicago-area English teacher claims the theater circuit's policy of playing pre-film product commercials amounts to a deceptive business practice because the ads begin at the time advertised as the start of a feature movie.

    The rest of the article can be found here

    First people sue Mcdonald's cause it made them fat, now this. Jeez...this lawsuit is ludacris. Everybody knows that theaters play ads before the movie, as well as trailers. There was no way that this women just showed up and was horribly surprised their was ads. Give me a break. This is just another way for a dumb person to try and squeeze unearned money through the court system.

    Your thoughts?
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    The 2 people suing are only asking for $75 a piece. I think the point is to have theaters run the actual starting time of the movie so that those people who want to skip the adverts and previews can. I have no problem with movie previews, but I dislike the ads myself. I guess the theater figures it has a captive audience so why not make some extra cash.
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    I enjoy watching the movie previews, so if the movie starts at the time stated, then what time should you show up for the previews?

    People will sue over anything these days . It's getting rediculous! There was this guy a while back who sued MGM because of Widescreen (or something like that) .

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    Yeah, this is so frivolous it's insane. However, if this gets those horribly annoying Coke ads off the screen, I'll be content.

    Did anyone see that one that is a "film short" where the affable loser jumps in front of the girl to prevent her from getting hit by the ketchup? Everytime I see that, someone in the theatre always remarks "That guy went to Columbia film school for that?".

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    Think commercials before the movie trailers start are bad? Well, the recent DVD release of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" in Canada features a "Windex Wipes" commercial before the movie starts. Now that's going a bit to far. You go to the movies and buy DVD's to avoid commercial Television, not to have more commercials force fed to you.

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    I don't like the commercials either. They do annoy me. Previews are one thing, but I got enough of that Britney Spears commercial at home, I don't need to spend $8 to see it again.

    The only thing this is going to do is change what is printed on the tickets (assuming she wins). Tickets will read something like "Starting on or shorlty after 7:00 pm". Regarless if you want to get a good seat to a new movie, you'd better get your butt there 20 minutes early.
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    Ha, that's so true. I love how the AMC I visit does it. First they have this movie soundtrack radio station thing play if you get there early. Then they have the pre previews, and you can always tell it'll either be an Army ad, Mountain Dew ad, or a Toyota ad. Well, lately I saw some ads for a bunch of new ABC shows, and then after all of that they start the movie trailers. You're right too, my ticket said noon for Daredevil and Daredevil started about 12:20. I love it, but the ads don't bother me at all. I really don't care, now if they put it on my dvd's, then I'll be p***** off.
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    This is awesome IMO, theater chains that show product advertising before the film are stealing from us. These jerks already charge ludicrous amounts for admission, they jack up the costs of the snack bar, and now they get to show Pepsi and ABC commercials before the trailers as well?!? Look, I love trailers, I could sit through 10 minutes of them before a film no problem, but to sit through 10 minutes of product advertising before the 10 minutes of trailers and theater announcements in time that I myself had to pay to partake in??? That's totally unacceptable. I'm not talking about those stupid Coke pre-showtime slides, and hell, at least Coke tries to give even a hint of entertaining the audience during this pre-showtime stuff; I'm talking about those straight-up post-showtime cinematic ads, if I have to see that moron go back for his Mountain Dew one more time I'm gonna throw my Dew at the damn screen. 1/4th of commercial TV is advertising already, if I wanted to see ads with my movie, I wouldn't pay double-digit coin to do it.
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    I gotta go with JT On this.

    I hope they win.

    I mean, when I go see a movie now I get this:

    Pre-pre movie ad slides.
    Pre-movie advertisements with lights on
    Pre-movie advertisements with lights off
    Theatre advertisements
    No talking advertisements
    Movie trailors

    I mean, come on, I have to get a mortage to buy tickets, coke, and popcorn. I would THINK that I had paid this premium to avoid the constant barrage of advertisements. ANd I HATE that movie ad with the stupid commando family. UGH!
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    Hard to believe, but if we as a theater didn't get the revenue from the cheesy, stupid ads before the movies, the ticket prices would have to go up...

    So yeah, they suck. I find most of them entertaining enough to hold my attention, but a necessary evil in my opinion.

    Things suck, yes, but I find this type of litigation even more dispicable than ambulance chasing. This is just about as ridiculous and frivolous as the McDonalds-made-me-fat or Cigarettes-made-me-get-cancer suits.



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