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    Conflicts between Jedi and Love

    I looked through the post, about padme and if she will or will not die, and I think it is likely. By that I mean, something very strange will happen with padme, obi, and anakin. Now, the question is what and why? I believe the concept of love and devotion as a jedi will have some effects to Anakin and his turn to the darkside. Surly he will be coached by palaptine, who may turn out to have some powerful effect over Ani, but I think that something must happen that just SNAPS the little boy out of Ani and brings to us the dark side of Anakin Skywalker. A lot of hate between Anakin and Obi is seen during ANH, as they reflect over old times and vader drools at the chance of finishing him off. So, I think Obi does something that trigers Anakin into rage. What is that though? It must have something to do with Padme. They are lovers, but does obi interfere? This brings me to the mystery trailer, in that, why was obi in padme's apartment? However, the way E2 ends, I think, will be rather peacefully, as in relations between obi and ani. But in E3, obi must do something. Either it is figured out that he is with padme intimately, or it could be that obi was supposed to be protecting padme and somehow he failed and she was killed. Anakin takes his hatred out on obi and they fight. Obi wins the battle, leaving Anakin injured and that leads to our favorite villain of all time, Darth Vader. You may ask, well, how does Leia remember her Mom dieing at a very young age. Well, if your mom died at age 5 you would remember, but not much. So, perhaps her mom does live, but it could be either a clone, or her real mom. If it is her real mom, then perhaps what is believed to have been killed (by ani) was padme's clone and the real padme was hiding already. Well, please expand and correct parts of my theories.
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    First off, nothing happens between Obi Wan and Padme intamately. BUT, since padme and Obi Wan both sense Anakin slipping to the dark side, they will turn to each other for solace. Palpatine will "encourage" Anakin to see this growing bond between Obi Wan and Padme as 'something intimate" Palpatine will assure Anakin that he is Ani's only true friend and suck him further into the evel machinations of the Dark Side. Padme will realize that Palpatine is Sidious and that she and the two Jedi actually helped him rise to power. Since she can no longer trust Ani, she goes to Obi Wan to tell him everything. It will finally come to a head when Anakin "catches" Obi Wan and Padme together (after being "tipped off" by Palpatine. Padme will bear witness as Obi Wan and Anakin duel each other in a very emotional and drawn out lightsaber duel. During this confrontation, padme is wounded (either by Obi Wan or Anakin) and Anakin topples over the edge where he is hanging on by his hand and slipping. Obi Wan reaches out to his friend, pleading with him to come back to the light. Anakin, thinking Padme is dead, refuses and lets himself into the molten pit. His body is recovered and he is transformed into Darth Vader. Meanwhile, Obi Wan and the wounded padme rendezvous with Mace and Yoda to discuss escaping Coruscant because padme is pregnant with Skywalkers heir(s) and doesnt want them to fall into Palpatines hands.. Obi Wan manages to get them off planet by using himself as a decoy. he then comes face to face with the New Vader. After some harsh words, Vader tells Obi Wan to leave and never come back, showing his last ounce of compassion for his former master. Obi Wan leaves the planet and meets up with padme. She goes onto Alderaan, weak and wounded to survive only a few more years with Leia, and Obi Wan takes the infant Luke first to dagobah to drop off Yoda, then to tattoine, where he leaves Luke with Owen and Beru and then heads off into the tatooine Sunset...

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    I see a lot of what your saying as possible. However, what I'm really after is what will happen in the movies and when. What does everyone think or know? Will ani fall to the darkside at the end or e2 or e3. I can't really conceive Ani falling into a pit, and then quickly being put into a outfit that will support his life and reveal the Darth Vader that we all know and love. I kind of thought that he would fall, and then, leading into E4 would be ani talking with his new life support system about the darkside or whatever, and then role the credits. I can't even begin to see the screen play go from him falling, to him back on his feet talking to obi again. I don't know. This has me lost for ideas.
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    Well, the rumor is James Earl Jones is coming in to do the last 20 minutes of the movie. That's a sizable chunk of film as far as finales go.

    Also, George said he shot one scene for Episode III while they were in Tunisia shooting Episode II. He felt it was silly to lug a crew of sixty+ people back out into the desert to shoot one scene three years from now. Speculation says it's Obi Wan dropping Luke off at the Lars homestead and wandering off into the sunset.

    Third, in ANH Vader says "You should not have come back..." implying that he told Ben not to come back. This would have to be AFTER he gets dropped in boiling lava.

    Fourth, whilst talking about the Prequel trilogy G. Lu has made several references to Othello. If your up on your shakespeare, you know there's a nasty love triangle involved.

    I'm just kind of smooshing all these various rumors into my own personal treatment of EP III....

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    The main thing that will be the "snap", for Anakin that atleast will seal his fate down the dark path, is the death of his Mother!

    Now, if anything happens between Obi, Ani, and Padme, It's probably the fact that The Jedi code forbids, marriage or personal romance all together. So when Obi-wan tries to enforce this, Ani turns on his teacher, like a child rebeling against a parent?

    Did you see the EpII teaser poster? HINT HINT! ...

    "A Jedi shall not know anger, Nor hatred... Nor Love!"

    Let's see Mother killed, Jedi/Obi-wan's stupid rules, Plapatine's physcological warfare, and Ani thinking that Padme's dead, I'd say that would about do it!

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    Oh and let me just say, I can see Palaptine hinting that Obi wan and Padme are getting it on to Anakin, and then setting them up to make it look like somethings going on, then Ani storming off, not knowing the real truth! But nothing would actually be going on between the two! Just two friends consoling each other!
    Also, Like I mentioned above I see Ani and Padme's relationship being more along the lines of Romeo and Juliet! Except that in this case The boy will think the girl is dead then commit or act in a slef-destructive way. Meaning instead of actually commiting suicide, Ani will go off on some tangent because he thinks Padme's dead, and this path he chooses will be a metaphor for self destruction!

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    Yes, yes, a million and one things may lead to the "snap", but in filming a movie and getting that across to an audience is different. During the movie, something will trigger Ani and turn him to the dark side. Much like when Vader said to Luke, "so, you have a twin sister..." That ultimately was enough for luke to lunge out and attack his father with all of the hate in his body. This to, may happen to Ani, but what will be said, what will be done, what causes this hate to come forward.
    Also, it was said by Rollo Tomassithat, that James Earl has 20 min of film time, WOW! I don't know if I can believe that. That would be a major part of the film. I thought it was only like 5 min. Good point with Othello and great point with the , "you shouldn't have come back." That really makes since with your theory.
    "It could have been so much better!"

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    I completely agree that nothing is going on between Padme and Obi Wan, as I stated in my very first sentence. Anakin just thinks there is because Palpatine tells him so. Also, as far as the third film goes, there is still the matter of Count Dooku to be resolved, as well as the Mace Windu/Boba Fett conflict. Thats alot to wrap up in 2 hours....

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    Originally posted by Rollo Tomassi
    I completely agree that nothing is going on between Padme and Obi Wan, as I stated in my very first sentence. Anakin just thinks there is because Palpatine tells him so. Also, as far as the third film goes, there is still the matter of Count Dooku to be resolved, as well as the Mace Windu/Boba Fett conflict. Thats alot to wrap up in 2 hours....
    I agree totally...there is still so much that needs to happen and I can't wait to see it, plus GL had said the Episode III will be very very dark and from the looks of it Episode II is going to be very, very dark as well. MAN I'M EXCITED...AREN'T YOU?
    The Force is strong with this one.

    Of course, that's my opinion I could be wrong.

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