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Thread: Weird Al

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    Quote Originally Posted by JEDIpartner View Post
    One compilation I'd like to see is an entire CD of nothing but his polka medleys. That would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
    That is a great idea. It'd be a great waltz through musical pop culture. Names for that album?

    - Music Version 2.0
    - The Al Shuffle
    - alPod Shuffle
    - alPolk Shuffle
    - Beer Barrel Covers
    - We'rd Cover'd by Al'd
    - Yankovic a Song, Any Song
    - My Way: Chairman of the Bored

    I don't know... but the idea rocks, JP!
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    If I had all of his CDs (any-- the ones I have are on LP), I would totally assemble this collection!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Weird Al's very own website
    What's Al's full name?

    Alfred Matthew Yankovic.

    Where was Al born?

    Al is the only child of Nick & Mary Yankovic. He grew up in Lynwood, California (a suburb of Los Angeles), although the hospital he was actually born in was in the neighboring town of Downey.

    How old is he now?

    Al was born at 1:56 PM on October 23, 1959. You figure it out.
    Getting close to that 50 year mark, Mr. Y. He is exactly 14 years and 74 minutes older than I am. Happy happy happy, Al!
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    I didn't even realize it until last night, but Al has a new song that's available for purchase through a few places (go look at his site). I've never heard the original it's based on but it's pretty damn funny!
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    I listened to Poodle Hat the other day, and while it's not my favorite song of his (in fact, it's my least favorite of his "extended length" songs like "Albuquerque" or "Trapped in the Drive-Thru" ), I've had "Genius in France" stuck in my head. Appropriately for the words, I feel REALLY DUMB that I never truly got the lyric:

    ... I couldn't pour water from a boot
    With instructions on the heel..."

    I just figured it was another example of extreme stupidity, until I thought about it: the water'd just spill out on its own. I never comprehended the gravity of that situation until then. Too much water on the brain, I suppose.
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    Maybe you have to listen to Zappa to appreciate it.
    Tommy, close your eyes.

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    The next Tuesday release date after Al's birthday (you figure it out), The Essential WAY will be out (a 2-CD set! ). Looking at the tracks listings, I may never listen to another CD of his again. This one is quite nice.
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    Happy day, sir! I intend to get you some residuals, when I buy your Essentials compilation next week (you're welcome ).
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    Indeed, happy birthday Mr. Weird.

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AL!!! Eat a lot of broccoli and drink a lot of beer!
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