IIRC, Al thought he had permission to parody Gansta's Paradise because the label said it was OK without actually checking personally with Coolio - Al thought Coolio had personally signed off when it was just the execs who had given the green light. I thought Coolio's reaction towards the situation was immature and shortsighted, he lost a lot of respect for blaming and badmouthing Al over this in my opinion.

I met Weird Al once at the Wherehouse music at Sunset and La Brea, he was just shopping with his girlfriend around 9 at night - it was the only spontaneous autograph I've ever gotten, he was pretty cool about it but really lit up after I mentioned how much the family and I liked The Compleat Al. And get this, every pen we had was either empty or broken, it was like a bad plot-point in a cheesy sitcom (eventually, the clerk at the store found one that worked).