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Thread: Weird Al

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    One of the best overlooked songs is SLIME CREATURES FROM OUTERSPACE. The lyrics are simplistic but the delivery is what makes it happen and for that makes the simplistic lyrics extremely funny!!!!!!!! What is interesting is that it almost tells the exact story of Independence Day.

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    Here is the info that was given of why Eminem didn't want his video parodied.

    "A lot of [Eminem]'s videos are very tongue-in-cheek," Weird Al said, "and he seems to have a great sense of humor, but he felt that a Weird Al video would somehow detract from his legacy and make people view him as a less serious hip-hop artist. I'm not exactly sure of the logic there, but those were his feelings and I have to respect that."
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    Did anyone watch ALTV on VH1 last night? I dunno if it has aired before that or if it will air agian... but anyways you get to see two new music video's Bob and Angry White Boy Polka, Both were good but I really didn't get Bob in the first place so I have no Idea where the video came from. Oh and he aslo did a few interviews: Avril Laung(sp?), Brittney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Celine Deon, and Emenim. Emenim was the funniest because Weird al slid in a few funny little insults.
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    Originally posted on on June 16:
    Now that the new album is out, Al has decided to once again dust off his pirate satellite broadcasting transmitter. Al has done 8 AL-TV specials on MTV since 1984, but this time he'll be breaking tradition and taking over the airwaves of VH1 instead. As usual, he'll be "interviewing" some of his close personal friends in the music biz, showing off the talents of his best-friend-in-the-whole-world Harvey the Wonder Hamster, and of course playing all the videos that HE wants to watch! The one-hour special will air on VH1 at the following times (all times are Eastern, satellite times may differ, so check your local listings):
    June 17 11:00 AM
    June 17 11:00 PM (official premiere)
    June 18 3:30 PM
    June 19 12:00 AM
    June 23 10:00 PM
    June 24 4:00 PM
    June 26 1:00 AM
    D'oh! Missed it! What was the "Bob" video like? I'd guess it had Al dropping cards with words written on them, right? Bob = Bob Dylan, just in case people weren't sure. Plus, bob is a palindrome, a word (or sometimes a sentence or phrase) read the same forwards and backwards.

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    The Bob video is a spoof of an INXS video done in the late 80's. Can't remember the name of it though...

    I was hoping to see a video for Hardware Store but at least we got to see Harvey the Wonder Hamster!
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    I remember the INXS video, which actually was an homage to the pre-MTV video of Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues." Awesome! That's what I'd hoped a video for "Bob" would be.
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    The INXS video was for something (I think it was "What You Need" ), plus a short "Mediate" added on. The "try not to hate/love your mate" one where every line rhymes with "-ate." Michael Hutchings (sp?) drops the cards as the lyrics follow.
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    Oh god, AL TV is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!! I watched it twice and it was still funny the second time!!!!!

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    Thumbs up Yippee! Wizard! Boska! Yub yub!

    Originally on
    Clone War Details in Insider #69 June 20, 2003
    Also in this issue is a Clone Wars EU timeline, a profile on Production Designer Gavin Bocquet, an interview with Star Wars parody songster Weird Al Yankovic and a new Clone Wars tale from Timothy Zahn called "Hero's Rise."
    I hope he says more than Mr. Frump in the iron lung did! Will potatoes be a topic? Harvey the Wonder Womp Rat? The biggest ball of twine of Mitth'raw'nuruodo?
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."


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