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Come out to Cali and get FOUR DAYS of Al!
I saw him many a year ago at the Perris Fair in... Lake Perris, CA. It was great. Fans chanted "Yo-da" ... "Yo-da" ... "Yo-da" for an encore, but alas, no such luck.
Well, I caught him at the same venue last night, and this time is was more better (yeah, you heard I ). Here's the song list rundown, as near as I can recall (* = slightly or significantly abridged versions) :

Fun Zone (this was playing as the concert began)
Opened with: Polkarama (newest polka collection from S.O.L. album)

Various songs (don't remember the order):
Canadian Idiot
I'm in Love with the Skipper (I'd never heard this one before... creepy )
You're Pitiful (finally heard this one, Al was wearing an "Atlantic Records Sucks" t-shirt)
Confessions Part III
Do I Creep You Out? *
Eat It
Smells Like Nirvana
eBay *
Prett Fly for a Rabbi
Gump *
Saga Begins, The
Bedrock Anthem
Complicated Song, A *
Ode to a Superhero
Trapped in the Drive-Thru *
Amish Paradise
White and Nerdy

Closed with: Fat (no encore, Springfield).

(Spatula City, Weasel Stomping Day were played on the screens at times when they needed to change the set, as well as interview clips from Al TV and Al's appearances on Simpsons/Spy Hard/King of the Hill)

Awesome time. Not many hardcore fans, but it was a cool-but-not-cold night with a nice mood to the crowd.