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Thread: Weird Al

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    Just found out last week that he will be playing at the Northwest Washington Fair in Lynden, so I think I will go see that. I've lived near there all my life, yet have never been to a grandstand show there, and only ever went to the fair two or three times that I can recall. Last time was probably in high school.

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    His website shows a 110-card limited edition trading card set. I don't even collect the cards, but...
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    Shouldn't Al be doing a Lady Gaga medley about now? He could call it the "Polkaface Medley" and substitute "Oom pah pah!" for that little hook in "Bad Romance". Could you imagine Al doing a take on all of that crazy woman's costumes??!!!!!
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    Weird Al has too much taste to touch that talentless tramp.
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    I'd beg to differ. He's parodied lesser groups than that. Ummm... Milli Vanilli, anyone?
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    Let's list (LISTS... :drool: ) some of the artists of whom WAY's done parodies (not counting "style" songs):
    - Michael Jackson
    - Madonna
    - Milli Vanilli
    - Robert Palmer
    - Chamillionaire
    - R. Kelly
    - Greg Kihn
    - Toni Basil
    - Joan Jett
    - James Brown
    - U2
    - Survivor
    - Avril Lavigne [sp?]
    - Tiffany
    - Billy Joel
    - Billy Ray Cyrus
    - Billy Idol
    - whoever sang "Macarthur Park" first (Richard Harris? Donna Summer?)
    - whoever sang "Lola"
    - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    - Coolio
    - Green Day
    - Back Street Boys
    - Taylor Hicks
    - Cyndi Lauper
    - The Presidents of the USA
    - De Barge
    - MC Hammer
    - Huey Lewis & The News
    - Rolling Stones
    - The Knack
    - Fine Young Cannibals
    - The Offspring
    - Don Maclean
    - P Diddy
    - The Police
    - Nirvana
    - REM
    - Men Without Hats

    Many of those are "one hit wonders" or flashes in the pan. I don't know if she's even pan flash-worthy; I put her in the same category as Marilyn Manson (edgy on purpose, but mainly a waste).
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    What about Crash Test Dummies?

    Nice job with the list BCJ, that coves a bunch of them (not counting the polka medley people).

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    I did say it was "some" of his parodies (I missed the CTD, and also Nelly, Queen, Los Lobos, and Tone Loc as others come to mind); yes, the polkas weren't included as they were covers, not parodies.

    I blanked out on the Kinks.
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