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    Animation Style- weak.

    I suppose it is just the way things are these days, but I do not particularly like the animation style of the new series. Minimalist, hard edges- looks more like Jay and Silent Bob from the awful Clerks animated series has taken over. I would prefer something more Japanese inspired, high detail and realistic. Oh well, too much to ask I suppose. I just hop eit is geared to the grown up and not just to the little ones. We shall see.
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    I have to agree with ya there Jon, the simplistic style works for Dexter's Lab but I never felt it fully worked for Samurai Jack, so I put in my time trying to watch a few eps but finally gave up.

    Of course, 3 minutes isn't so great either, 6 mins would have been my absolute minimum.
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    I have to agree. I hate the current trend of crappy, jagged animation being cool.

    It's NOT!
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    Yes I agree as well! I rather they use better ANIME kind of style. Maybe Dragonball style? It does make the characters look much better and stylish in my opinion!
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    All we have to base our opinions on is a couple of stills. I think Ill reserve judgement on the animation until I see it animated. Did that make sense?

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    I don't like the animation style either. I think it's too rough.
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    IMO, Samurai Jack is a great cartoon with a great animation style. I'm just happy we're getting any new Star Wars stuff.
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    Pffffft!, you guys want something original instead of jagged edge style, but you say that they should do it anime instead. I say bah!!!

    I'm tired of the anime style. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of great anime cartoons that I love. But frankly thats all thats on anymore, all the crappy anime cartoons have been imported into saturday morning tv! There's practically anything new and refreshing anymore, even some of the new american cartoons try to copy the anime style and fail.

    If you don't like the style of Samarai Jack, thats fine, it's your opinion. But I'd have to say that if you want some original styles you should probably look to something else than anime. It's been done to death.

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    Re: Animation Style- weak.

    Originally posted by JON9000
    looks more like Jay and Silent Bob from the awful Clerks animated series has taken over.
    I agree that I don't like the look for Star Wars, but it worked for CLerks. And the series was awesome.
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    I say do a Star Wars cartoon a la Sealab:2021. I'd definitely be there for that one.
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