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    Angry I hate telemarketers

    I hate them. I really do.

    I mean, what part of NO do they not understand.

    Yes sir, I'd like to offer you our long distance service.

    no thank you.....

    But really sir, we can save you 10 dollars a month.

    No thank you, I am not interested.

    Do you not like saving money sir?

    Yes I do, but I am not interested.

    What if I told you that you are spending 10 dollars a month extra on service you aren't using?

    I would tell you that I am not interested in changing. Thank you.

    Why are you not interested?

    Well, frankly, that isn't any of your business. I just do not want to, that is all.

    Well sir, that doesn't make much sense.

    NO, what doesn't make sense, is you pestering me after I said NO! I do not want your service, just like I didn't YESTERDAY when you called. I NEVER want it, so please do not offer it to me again.

    Well, if you have any questions, please call blahblah blah.....

    Then next day, same time, exact same call, except I am not as nice this time.

    I tell them that the reason I don't want MCI is because they call me and wake me up every morning, after I have told them not to. Then the lady says....

    Oh, well, we'll call you every morning and wake you up until you say yes......*pause*.....just kidding.....

    I about WENT OFF on this lady......I said you better never call me again.

    I know people have to make a living, but I would rather mop the VIP room of strip clubs than harass people constantly. I did telemarketing for a day, and couldn't live with myself, so I quit the next day, and never even picked up my check.

    SO in short, I hate telemarketers.
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    I don't get mad at them, here is a typical conversation I have with them.


    Hi, I'm from _____ are you interested in ____?

    No thanks. <click>

    After that "<click>" I can't hear what they are saying because I have already hung up on them.
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    I love telemarketers, I always mess with them. For example:
    "Hi, I'm from ______ and I am here to offer you more energy-efficient ___?
    "No thanks, I'm Amish."


    "Hello, I'm from ___ and my company is offering new furniture."
    "No... *Sniff* house just burnt down and everyone died..."

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    My best advice just don't even answer the phone. And if you do, and you know it is a telemarketer just hang up ASAP. If you converse with them(especially the ones that said the things they did, which they should have been fired for), and argue with them, you give them more power. Because you are not fighting with that person, you are fighting with the company they work for. THe company trains them and they do the company's bidding regardless of reasoning with them. They are doing what they do because it means their job if they don't, just based on how they converse with you. If they were self employed, they probably wouldn't badger you like they are doing. Most programs I called on required a minimum of 2 rebuttles plus your judgement if the customer was showing interest. That means asking for the sale again after you say no. Some people take it farther than they should. Me, I only did what was the minimum requirement. The best course of action (while still talking to them) would be to say TAKE ME OFF THE LIST. Who knows if it actually happens, but they have to stop and say "Yes sir, I'll be happy to tdo that." It's easier on you and them. If they don't comply and keep trying to sell, then ask for their supervisor. Just remember the old saying, KEEP ME ON THE PHONE ONCE SHAME ON THEM, KEEP ME ON THE PHONE TWICE, SHAME ON YOU.
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    "take me off the list" ? ? ? Many times when I've tried that, they said "uh, you need to call 1-800-whatever to be taken off the list.

    No thanks, I'll just hang up.

    Oh, my state put in a "no call" list effective Jan 2003 but now certain companies are trying to sue to get it removed. WHAT ?
    If people took the effort to place themselves on the list, what makes the telemarketers think they'll be able to sell their crap to those people?


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    Wasn't there a thread on this last year?

    Originally posted by Rogue II
    I don't get mad at them, here is a typical conversation I have with them.


    Hi, I'm from _____ are you interested in ____?

    No thanks. <click>

    After that "<click>" I can't hear what they are saying because I have already hung up on them.
    That's the best way to get your point across besides not answering the phone.

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    True, but I shouldn't have to hide from my phone to avoid their b.s.
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    Just tell them to tell it to the dial tone.
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    I answered a job ad in the paper last year when I was unemployed. Showed up for the interview and saw the telemarketing going on... I decided to go to the second int the next day and sit in on some calls.

    We arranged for my first day of work and I just couldn't go, in good conscience.
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    The best one yet ( sorta angrily as it was past 9pm ) " I'm not interested, and PLEASE don't call me this late EVER again.. thanks ( click ) "

    few minutes later.. ( ring ) Heeeelllllooooooooo

    ( call ) "what's up?" ( female voice )

    I'm sorry, may I ask whos calling?

    ( call ) "you don't remember me?

    um, no.. should I?

    ( call ) I can't believe you don't remember me, we had soooo much fun the other day when we met..

    I'm sorry you have the wrong number..

    ( call ) well I just wanted to let you know not to ()#$% with a telemarketer.. ( click )

    yes - really happened. and while sorta shocked I could'nt help but envy how fun it would be to have a NON-TRACEABLE phone number.. I really think if they want to call, they should have a REAL number show up on my caller ID so I can call them back. I have plenty of time on midnights..
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