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    Have MOTU Commemoratives for trade, want Star Wars!!

    Hi, I have six different of the MOTU Commemoratives that I'd like to trade for Star Wars mint stuff. I am looking for any of the following:

    I need like 50 Star Cases for the AOTC line,
    Dexter Jettster, w/backdrop and pipe on side
    Bloody Luke
    Jorg Sacul
    Toy Fair Darth Vader (maybe)
    Any of the Star Tours figures past the first wave

    More than a few of the POTJ line, so e-mail me if you are interested!! Thanks again!! I also have two vinyl figures of the LOTR line, the Saruman and Gandalf in the green boxes (though the boxes aren't mint) for trade as well. . .

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    Can you list out which 6 you have? Or at least give me an e-mail so I know what you have.


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