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    [Poll] Worst Movie Lines

    What is the worst line in a movie that you can think of?

    The first I'd think of is when Storm says: "What happens to a toad when it gets struck by lightning? The same thing that happens to everything else."

    No wit whatsoever, does she really say that in the comics?
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    how about........

    "i wish i could wish my feelings away......."

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    howzabout in the end of "blade" - it's dirty, so i have to censor it, but

    "some ______ ______er's are always tryin to ice skate uphill..."

    what the hell does that even MEAN!?

    and, no, storm never said anything like that in the comics, neither did blade. so far, the only comic movie that didn't make me slap my forehead at at least one point was "spider-man."
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    How about "You had me at hello"
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    If Storm hadn't said "The same thing that happens to everything else", that would have been a totally killer movie line, but that second sentence ruined it.

    Can I nominate an entire film as the worst line? Because if so, I'm gonna have to say "Forrest Gump".
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    Luke's scream as he falls into Bespin's abyss.

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    one word: "Yipieee"

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    The Relic Penelope Whatshername walks into the room right after the monster has vivisected her mentor/father figure and covered the entire room in his entrails. She screams and Tom Sizemore offers up a lame "I'm sorry."
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    I wanted to shoot myself when Arnold Schwarznegger played Mr. Freeze in that terrible Batman movie and said, "It's time to chill" or some similar quip. Then when I realized I was at the dollar theater watching this crap, I wanted to shoot myself more.
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    Starship Troopers is full of em (just 2 examples here):
    It says it's afraid - as uttered by Doogie Howser
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