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    Norah sweeps the Grammy's!

    Well, Norah Jones' "Don't know why", took pretty much every important grammy worth getting! Well, I don't know what you guys think, but it is a pretty cool and very soulful song! Well deserved I say! Congrats Norah!

    So, did you guys see the grammy's tonight and what else did or didn't you like from the show?

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    That song makes me want to sleep. It has no energy to it, nothing to get a guy moving his head and suffering whiplash. Where's the energy I ask?!

    Oh, and I think I heard Fred Durst say the word "agreeance" during his brief award presentation.
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    The only reason to watch any of those awards shows was to see who showed up with who, and what they were wearing. now you don't even need to do that, just pick up the next issue of just about any magazine and its all presented for you. and you don't have to sit through 6 hours of show and 18 hours of pre-show red carpet coverage.

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    Just came in to post about this

    Heres what the bbc had to say.
    BBC News story-Norah Jones

    I think the albums really fantastic, really really really good. So you could say I'm biased

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    The only thing that would make the Grammys more difficult to believe is if they decided to make it a cartoon. Every year I think ... yeah, that was stupid. How much worse can it be next year? They always manage ... what ... Nelly just lowered down to the stage by wire and harness ... HUH?!? (And who is Nelly? nevermind, I don't want to know.)

    "Oh, and I think I heard Fred Durst say the word "agreeance" during his brief award presentation."

    OH G--!!! With the time delay I just heard that mongo say it. UGH!

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    What a joke!

    Bruce had the most solid album by far . . . but then again, Steely Dan won last year so the Jones win should not be surprising.

    Also, KoRn had no business taking an award over Zombie.

    Yes Jaymz, I heard Freddy say "agreeance" too.
    It's funny because this week I heard reports that CBS was trying to prevent any war comments from those in attendance.
    On that note, did it look like Sheryl Crow's hair covered up the "no" in "no war" on her guitar strap?
    It was hard for me to tell, since I was too annoyed by that star (blank)er Kid Rock.

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    I never heard those reports. I just watched Fred say he was going to say something and I knew it was not part of the script. Then he made up a word, and I couldn't stop laughing when he said it. Because he just kind of paused and looked at the screen after using it, then he continued to ramble on in his young boy voice. I was expecting him say something about him and Britney, not some sort of anti war message.
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    It seems every person who wins a Grammy is nothing more than a trivia answer in 2 years. Norah Jones will be joining them shortly. The Grammy's are pointless.
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    I'm watching Springsteen right now ... I've got to admit ... Bruce Springsteen is my secret shame. I dunno ... I spend 20 years being all "punk rock" and saying that I can't stand the guy and now I find myself enjoying his music. Please, let's keep that from leaving this thread.

    As far as any of this show goes ... or any of the lame "no war" stuff ... yeah, that's great! Tape some stupid message to your shirt or something ... in the mean time, James Taylor is gonna get up and make you look like a frog. Yeah ... most of this music MAKES me WANT to have a war. (Hopefully after admiting that I like "The Boss" I'll just die in my sleep tonight anyway.)

    "Also, KoRn had no business taking an award over Zombie."

    KoRn has no business taking air into their lungs.

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    Re: Norah sweeps the Grammy's!

    Originally posted by The 'Xir
    important grammy
    Isn't that an oxymoron?
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