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Thread: Hell

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    I came across this website about Hell, don't know if any of you have seen it. I'm not a religious man, and I don't even intend this topic to turn into a religious thread so if it does can a mod please close it?

    This site has totaly creeped me out though, especially the sound clip in the middle of the page. I have never considered the existence of hell until I read this site, and it makes me fear that members of my family that have passed away could be down there (even though I don't think they did anything to deserve it).

    What do you guys think about hell?

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    So...Hell is filled with (lifts pinky to mouth) Liquid Hot Magma?

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    That website could easily have been constructed by a more or less enlightened clergyman of, say, the sixteenth century.

    I love the quote from the 14th century traveller's journal. (We all know how reliable physicians were in the 1300's.) But if Caspar Peucer was famous, I wonder what he was famous for.

    This all reflects, more or less, cutting edge Medieval Fundamentalism. Fits in nicely if you are both Christian and still believe the Earth is the center of the universe. Fits in wonderfully if you are a recently-converted Scandinavian Christian who still has a fondness for Thor and the old crew. Consider this:

    HEL: Daughter of Loki, given the rule of the kingdom of death, name also used for the kingdom itself. -- H.R. Ellis Davidson, "Gods and Myths of Northern Europe," 232: Names and Sources (my emphasis)

    The startling revelations from Terry Watkins' website truly makes the earth's surface into Midgard, Middle-earth. Heaven/Valhalla should be somewhere... let's see... east of the Moon and west of the Sun.

    Don't get me wrong: as a sinner who strives to lead a Christian life, I believe in (and dread) the possibility of Hell. I just doubt that it's as conveniently located as that website would have us believe.

    (Besides, we all know that our world is not the only planetary body with volcanic activity -- the Jovian moon Io comes to mind.)
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    When I was maybe 5 years old I lived pretty far up north, and there wasn't really much to do, seeing as there was a lot of dangerous stuff like rivers and waterfalls and cliffs and stuff keeping us from being allowed to go anywhere, so mostly I made earthworks in my huge sand/dirt pile... one day my friend and I were diggin a hole as deep as possible (a classic pastime), and we came upon a little sort of cavern (in retrospect, I realized that it was left over from an excavation the previous summer which had to be filled back in due to building code problems) at the bottom of the hole.... my friend (who I always thought was a crybaby) started freaking out about how we had dug down to hell, and he was babbling and crying and stuff, and I (not being allowed at the local sunday school due to excessive inquisitiveness) was intrigued.... I was asking him "what do you mean" and after hearing that the devil lived there and it was all firey and stuff, I even got excited.... I had my head down in the hole, looking through, and he was all yelling about how we had to fill the hole in.... eventually I figured he must have had a good enough reason to fear, so I helped him fill it back up, but for years I believed that I'd found hell, knew where it was and had actually seen it... I guess that's why I love Heavy Metal so much...
    Anyone else seen it???

    Don't worry Pendo, most of the stuff on the net is bunk anyways, I used to scare the heck out of myself watching That's Incredible, when they'd show ghost stories and have little audio clips of "ghosts"....... they don't allow tape recorders OR cameras in hell, it's just like going to see a concert, trust me, I know where the place is even
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    As I tell just about anyone concerning these concepts of religion, and heaven and hell, you'd probably some up with some pretty wacky stuff too, if you fasted in caves in the desert and had no scientific knowledge of the world around you.
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    Supersticious lunacy! I am going to go break some mirrors while walking under latters and wear some garlic to warn off vampires.
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    I don't think it really even matters . . . 257 people killed today during an earthquake in China?
    Sounds like hell to me . . .

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    That site looked like nothing more than religious propaganda with all Bible quoting and what not. The sound clip didn't really bother me either. I found myself laughing at it actually. It was nothing more than the various sounds caused by the drill being on and grinding against the various layers of dirt and rock.
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    I hear heavy metal is Hell's soundtrack. If so, then I am ready for the damning of my soul.


    Ha ha! They play Twisted Sister in Hell!

    EDIT 2-

    Oh man, just look at that stuff. Take a scroll down and read what they say about the snake off the cover of Metallica's self titled album. I think whoever is writing their garbage needs to research where that snake really came from.
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    Try this one. It reminds me of an episode of the Church Lady from SNL.

    That settles it, Terry Watkins (the writer of all these wonderful links ), is a religious fanatic IMHO. Believing in God, Satan, Heaven, and Hell (or anything else for that matter) is all right. But when you carry it this far, trying to scare people into believing what you believe by telling them they are going to burn for an eternity if they don't, is going a little too far.
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