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    Have you seen the DOOM LEGACY VIDEO.

    It is on here.
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    I'm just now playing Diablo for the first time.. I can't wait for Fantasy Star VII!
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    Thanks for all the info about the company that made super dodgeball and what happened to them, Lord Malakite. Another favorite game of mine was Double Dragon. It was sweet but they kind of tarnished its image when they did a game with the Battletoads.
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    Technos also did the Double Dragon games. You'd probably also enjoy the game River City Ransom. The Battletoad games were created by Rare, as was the Battletoads and Double Dragon games for the NES and SNES. The reason there was a team up was because both game franchises were licenced by Tradewest at one time or another.
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    YEA But Battle toads was one of the best games ever!!!!
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    Mutant League Football!! Any game were you can win by killing off the other team is fun as heck. Nothing like having only a quarterback and 3 linemen left to get you through the 4th quarter. I just wish that it would be made with the kind of graphics we're seeing now a days.
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    me and a bunch of my friends were on vacation a few years back and someone asked what was the best old school nintendo game ever. and after making a list with 200 some games and 4 hours of debating later ..... zelda won out.
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    I rented mutant League football for a weekend, and played it to death with a few friends. After a few days, the novelty had worn off, and we went back to Tecmo Bowl.

    I never could get into the Battletoads games. They were supposed to be great, but I never saw it.
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    Originally posted by Greyfolk
    What about NEO GEO? Anybody have that system?
    I do. Great system, super-charged cart-based beauty that avoids vector graphics altogether. I've heard SNK is out of business but there are some companies still making games for the Neo Geo which should tell you just how incredible this machine really is.

    I just got GTA:Vice City and it's a ton of fun to play. I haven't even bothered going through missions yet because it's just too much fun running around causing mayhem. If I had just one game to play forever, it'd probably be this one because there's just so dang much free-play to be had. Dunno if it's "the best of all time" though.
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    That's the problem with GTA. I have GTA3, and Vice City, and I have only done a half of the missions total, because I get so distracted going on rampages in malls, alleys, etc., that I lose focus.

    I have played the Neo Geo before, but I don't own one. Well, not anymore. A group of people I knew a long time ago, all sold the same Neo Geo to each other, in about 3 months, all of us owned it at some point. I got kinda burned out on fighting games, and lost interest in the Neo Geo. But it's not a bad little system.

    Right now I have been playing Panzer Dragoon Orta on X-Box. It's a wonderful game. Not best of all-time material, but very nice.
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