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    Wal Marts missing figures?

    I'm not sure this is the right section, but I have noticed that my local WM's have like 2 figures on the shelves and haven't been restocking anything. There still seems to be plenty of Deluxe tho. Is this happening anywherre else?
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    Yep. In the Seattle/Tacoma area 3 of the Wal*Marts got in what seemed like 1 case of the new stuff and it was gone within a week. One of the Wal*Marts has had like 2 Rebel Endor Soldiers and a few dozen of that deluxe beast for what seems like 3 months.

    TRU and Target hasn't been much better. Pegwarmer heaven if you ask me. I'm beginning to think the shipments are not getting to the stores at all.
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    I regularly frequent three different WalMarts in my area (and occasionally visit one other) and this is the case at each location!

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    I have the same issues. They never restock the shelves. I have another Wal-Mart about 30 minutes away that I go to. Also I will be starting a job near a TRU finally and hopefully I can get some stuff there.
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    My experience with Wal-Mart has always been that they will only restock the shelves when there is room for new product. If they have 20 cases of figures in the back of the store, but have the 16 pegs already crammed full of figures, they are not going to take down the things already on the store shelves and replace them with the new figures. So unless your store suddenly has a massive buy-up of all the old figures (my wal-mart is chock full of Peasant Disguise Anakin and Kamino Escape Jango Fett) you probably won't see too many of the newer figures.

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    And I don't think they order new stuff until the store computer (linked to the check out ones) determines they need to. Walmart is usually the best retailer for staying current because they don't order stuff to stock in the back, most of the stuff coming in gets on the pegs right away. Dar Argol can explain this better than me as he's an employee, but that's what I understand the philosophy of the store to be - storage space is wasted space.

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    So does that mean we all have to "work together to make the world a better place?" Mmmm, lemme see... Orn Free Ta... or... Han Endor Raid... maybe Geonosian Warrior...

    Let's all pick up one each and see if it makes a difference. If that doesn't help... RETURN the darn pegwarmer.
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    I some times think some one bought all their local Wal-mart's peg-warmers and returned them all to my local store.

    They honestly have over 70 figures, most of which are the same few characters. It really blows my mind, when I'm making 'the run' it's almost a joke when I stop in the store. BTW the latest wave they received was Palpatine, Djas, etc...

    Although you would have to wonder what kinda recaction I would get if I bought the whole lot of toys, and then retuned them all to a store 60 miles away (NOTE I don't condone this sort of behavior, nor would try)
    Seriously though, they are either in need of a clearance sale, or a Hasbor call-back, or the storre isn't going to see anything till E3
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    From what I have heard, Hasbro bought back all the Peg Warmers from Wal-Mart. In fact I went into the store I used to work at, and they were pulling all the old figures off, and shipping them back. Wal-Mart has a way of getting what they want. Several dealers that I have met told me that Wal-Mart tried to low ball on the prices that they were willing to buy for the store. I imagine that since Wal-Mart had a lot of figures left, they will not be willing to go with heavily stocking the shelves. If you remember, when the Star Wars toys first came in, Wal-Mart had one of the biggest sections dedicated to Star Wars toys. No other store that I had been to, had given as much retail space to one line of product. I've only found a few of the newer figures at Target, but it was maybe once to two cases at most.
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    I almost wish it were a case of the pegs being full of older figures! Of the three (and a half) stores that I frequent, none of them have had more than a small handful of (older) figures on their pegs since about mid-december. I am not even exaggerating. There are a few more of the older deluxe figures on the pegs, and each of these stores seems to have plenty (though by no means an abundance) of the new 12 inchers, and Action Fleet, as well as the new Lightsabers.


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