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    I went the way of the soldier too, and pretty much let the computer set all of the attribute initially--I just wanted to play.

    I just became a Padawan, and have done a pretty good job of sticking to the light-side. Next time through, though, I will definitely go dark. It looks like it could be so much more fun! I also will spend a lot more time setting up my character.

    I've spent every free minute this weekend playing.

    Is this game sucking out anybody else's soul?
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    Has anyone picked up the Strategy guide for this? Does it explaing the skills and items better? Should I pick one up?

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    Man, I didn't have time to play at al this weekend .....

    I did get the strategy guide yesterday, but haven't had a chance to check it out yet. I'll post my thoughts afte I actually use the thing!

    btw: I found the "mini" version of the strategy guide @Target. It has all the same content, just a smaller sized book, and it's $5 cheaper!

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    this game sucks

    It's incredibly complicated to the point of sucking every last bit of fun out of it. The ridiculous array of controls make for a very slow paced game, as opposed to the action game this thing should've been. You wind up spending more time in the start menu than playing the actual game. By the end of the first level I was ready to exchange it.

    Buying a game only to have the game do all the fighting for you (the main fun part of any game like this) is ABSOLUTELY stupid. Whoever the dork at Lucas Arts was that thought up this system of fighting should immediately be fired. You can engage enemies and literally put the controller down to get something to drink while the game plays itself out. What kind of fun is that? The answer: NONE.

    This game looks and sounds smooth, but it really doesn't lend itself to a game. It should've been a cartoon of some type. For all the interaction and controlling of the charcater it has no replay or fun value to it whatsoever. Once you go through this game once I can see no reason for you to ever pick it up again, other than to look at the cut scenes and the movies.

    LucasArts has done alright (occasionally floundering along the way) up until this. But honestly, this has got to be one of the biggest disappointments from a Star Wars video game in a very long time, if not the biggest let-down yet.


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    Holy crap dude, I find it hard to believe you even played the game. I'm terribly sorry it's an RPG, I can see that's not what you wanted. And what do you mean it does the fighting for you? You decide what you want to do, you decided where you want to be, you decided what you want to use and you decide whom you fight. It's not a FPS, of course you can't squeeze of the blasts and saber strokes yourself, if you could then it couldn't be an RPG. Once again I'm terribly sorry this RPG plays like a fighter/fps. I personally love the controls; they took me an hour or so to get used to but now they're great.

    No replayability? Are you huffing some sort of tiling grout? First off, it's an RPG, secondly, it's in the Star Wars universe. This game has more replayability than most games that have come out this year. You can play through it as a good guy/gal or a bad guy/gal and choosing which way to play totally changes the things you do and how you interact with others as well as major character events. If that's not replayability what exactly is?

    One of the biggest disappointments? WHAT are you talking about? This is not only one of the best Star Wars games to date but is also one of the best games crafted.

    It is a RPG. You obviously bought the game thinking it was something else. Don't blame the game when you're so obviously the one that erred.

    Not just star wars fans but everyone who owns an Xbox should buy this game. It's an instant classic.

    Expect plenty of doctor bills from the people who have had irreversible brain damage from reading your post.
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    And what do you mean it does the fighting for you?
    What I mean is it does the fighting for you! All you do is hit engage the enemy and watch it work. Where's the fun in that? If it does that for you then why not do the rest for you as well? Every other game you decide where you're gonna be and who talk to etc., but the thing is your skill actually dictates the outcome of the fight. In this game - your skill has nothing to do with it. It's all just where to stand. That to me - is not fun. Sometimes I like to take part in the actual action of the game. Guess I'm the odd man out when it comes to wnating to actually play the game instead of merely coahc it. It's like buying a sports game and only being able to make the calls without ever playing one damn play. Again, that is NOT FUN WHATSOEVER.

    First off, it's an RPG, secondly, it's in the Star Wars universe. This game has more replayability than most games that have come out this year.
    Granted, I love Star Wars as much as you do if not more, but just because it takes place in the Star Wars universe doesn't automatically make it replayable. Replayability is about having fun. Picking a different character to only see a different dialogue come from one of the other characters is not fun, it's repetitive and not exciting or engulfing as this game promises to be. It's a half-assed effort to make the game feel different when in actuality it's the same thing with a slightly different twist. If I wanted to see dialogue boxes constantly without ever taking part in the action, I'd rather have this just be a cartoon and not a game. This is billed as a game - it is anything but. It does not call for any gamesmanship or any special skill to get thourhg. It only calls for you standing somewhere or clicking a sentence to say without ever asking you to do any more. It's a freakin 50 dollar "choose your own adventure" book. That's not replayable, that's just plain a waste of time.

    Don't blame the game when you're so obviously the one that erred.
    I blame the game because it was billed as being something totally different than what it turns out to be. It is billed as a GAME - do you understand what the term game means? It doesn't mean spending 2/3 of the time in the start menu selecting which freaking attribute to put on at a certain time. A fair amount of that is fine and good, but the sheer fact that every single command takes place outside of the actual action is inconceivably ill thought out and not immersive at all. When I buy a game I actually expect to be playing a game, not scrolling through endless amounts of pause menu screens only to come back to the game and stand there watching the action take place without me involved.

    This game IS a big disappointment in the fact that it is not a game at all (like I said before). You don't actually take part in any ACTION (not idle conversation) other than watching dialogue screens and pausing the thing an endless amount of times only to find out that the thing isn't going to let you dictate the outcome of your actions.

    It's not an instant classic, it's an instant 19.99 game within 6 months. If you need a Star Wars game and you like to actually play it, buy any other Star Wars game besides this one.

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    Have you ever played an RPG? From the beginning, this was always billed as a STAR WARS RPG. To those of us that play them, that means loads of character development, lots and lots of interaction with non-player characters that helps to determine the outcome of the game, and a combat system that is less "action" and more "strategy." KotOR delivers all of this and more. The story line completely changes depending on which path you choose, meaning the game can is replayable. I for one plan on starting all over again when I finish and playing a dark Jedi.

    40-60 hours through one story line
    +40-60 hours through another story line
    80-120 hours of gameplay for fifty bucks. Money well spent.
    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

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    Yeah bud, I don't think you knew what you were getting into when you chose KOTOR. Mabye you should do a little research next time before you spend $50 on a video game.. (not bashing you, just a suggestion). There's tons of X-Box websites that post reviews, in fact there's a link to a review somewhere in this thread.

    I had never even played a RPG video game before I got this, but since I checked into it first, I knew exactly what it was about before I bought it (and I'm not dissapointed, in fact I love it). I will admit the commercial they're playing does make it appear to be an action game. But all other reviews and descriptions clearly state otherwise.

    Like I said before, it's a refreshing change from the button mashers I usually play.

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    So what's the combat like anyway? I know you select all of your moves and then your character does them. But in the gameplay trailers on, the lightsaber duels were SO fluid, looked just like in the movies, rather than like in Jedi Knight 2, where 2 guys just jump and stab each other until one of them dies. So are the duels really that fluid and cinematic?
    Also, what's it like in general? Is there a lot of simple saber clashes and blocks in the dueling, and if one or two stabs get through you're opponent's done for? Or do you have to slash him, like, twenty times across the chest before he goes belly up?

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    Like most RPG's it's a turn-based system, meaning you choose your character's action, the character performs it, then your opponent does the same. This continues until someone dies or withdraws from combat. In this game, instead of pausing between turns, the character will continue to perform their base attack over and over unless the player chooses to have them do something else. In this way, the game keeps the seemless cinemegraphic look and feel to the battles and delivers the traditional RPG turn-based format. The player can still tell your character which attacks to perform at any time during combat, and your character will perform that attack on their next turn.

    As far as injuring your opponents goes, each character in the game (playable and non-playable) has a certain amount of hitpoints, and when they are depleted, they die, just like any other RPG. The higher a characters HP, the more hits it takes to kill them.

    I'll admit, it did take a little getting used to, but it does work, and quite well.
    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.


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