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    BTW, I am a scout. My original guy was a scoundrel on tatooine with 3 starmaps already but my friend accidentaly erased it. GRRRRRRRRRRRRr Anyways i've surpassed that character by far. I'm on the starforge and am about to face malak for title "Dark Lord Master" (btw i'm on the darkside)
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    I beat the game very early this morning. I'm going to play through it a few more times though as different personas. I can help with ay questions as well.

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    I've gone through Tariss, Dantooine, and Kashyyk. I'm on my way to Tatooine.

    I don't understand why, but my wife takes issue with me ignoring her at night to play video games!

    I agree that this might be one of the best console games I've ever played. I was hesitant to buy yet another console system (I already had the PS2 and GC but no Xbox), but I am really glad that I did!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boba Rhett
    I can help with ay questions as well.
    What is the pattern for the tiled floor?

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    Boba Rhett. How did you defeat those never ending droids on the starforge??? I've killed like hundreds of them and they wont stop comming. Please help

    Greyfolk. I have no idea how do do the florr pattern. I just ran around on it until i got lucky. It somehow only took me like 2 seconds to do.

    Oh yeah.... Is the starforge the very last level?
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    Nevermind. I figured out the droid thing and after an hour of trying to kill their never ending numbers last night i found out that all i had to do was open one door. LOL. Well I just beat the game. Since I'm evil it was the sith ending and it was sweet. My friend has a file on my x box and he like 3 hours away from beating the game so i'll get to see how it is when you're on the light side.

    By far the best game EVER.

    My only complaint was that I didnt get to save after i killed malak and i thought i could walk around and be like "yeah i'm the dark sith lord" anyways except for that the Game was Excellent.
    "Someone get this walking carpet out of my way!"

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    Greyfolk: I made a picture for that because it's been coming up a lot at swknights. Here it is: If that link goes down someone please tell me.

    And yes, the Star Forge is the last level.

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    Talking Kotor

    KOTOR rocks. Who has played it. I am currently on my way to the dark side. So far the story is really cool. But I am only about 15 hours in and I have a green and a red lightsaber. But this game is one of the greats of all time. What does everyone else think. And if you do not have this game. Buy it or go buy an X - Box to play it. Or just play it on your computer.

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    I just finished my light-side game. Then I started a dark-side game. I'm on Taris, and some of my behavior is making me fell, well, a little guilty...anyone ele feel this way?
    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

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    That's funny man! I felt the same way when I started a dark side game. It's almost hard to do the wrong thing. It's like going against your initial instincts, wierd....

    Although..... I accidentally deleted my dark character So now I'll have to start over with him


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