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    Now that it's out, is anyone going to buy the Saga TIE Bomber?

    I have the POTJ TIE Bomber and love it - great toy in a great box that displays, well, great. I'm a completist and thought I would snag the Saga version as soon as I saw it. However, now that I've seen it, I can't convince myself to buy it.

    I've seen TONS of them 'round these parts and TWICE I had one in my buggy and on both occasions put it back before checking out. I can just think of a much better use for 30 Star Wars bucks than on something I already have, just in a different box. (Of course, FINDING the other stuff worthy of 30 bucks is a different story)

    I'm pretty much feeling the same way on the "new" figures to be re-released on the Saga card (except the Masters of the Sith Maul). I did buy the Imperial Officer, Eeth Koth, and Teebo on Saga card even though I have the POTJ versions. However, something tells me I won't be interested in the other re-releases once I see them.

    Having a "complete" collection is becoming less of a "need" when I have to re-buy the same thing to complete it.

    What are you folks going to do?


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    I'm passing it on it. I can only take my college budget so far. I like having the product, I really don't care what a different package can do for them.
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    I bought one, but only because I didn't have one in my collection. But money is getting very tight, and a Star Wars supporting 3rd job is harder to find these days.
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    I'm hoping to get it because I didn't get the POTJ one, but $30 is just a little steep and while the overall look and such is nicely done, I just feel dissapointed when I look at it. One Pilot, one cockpit, a few bombs, just something doesn't sit right.. I guess cause I was hoping they'd go the extra and put in a Bomber cockpit behind the pilot one, or have more features with it. *shrugs*
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    I'll be getting one, because I missed the POTJ one.
    As for the price. $30. Be grateful. It's 35 over here since it's secondary market only, which is somewhere between $45 and $50.
    As for the Saga re-releases I won't be bothering. I feel my collection is complete without them. Since I open my figures anyway how would I tell which was which.

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    The TIE BOMBER is an amazing ship. My favorite in the ENTIRE line.

    But since I already have the POTJ version, I simply cannot justify picking up another one. No matter, I'm glad it was re-issued for all of the guys that missed it the first time around.

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    When the POTJ line was running i was stuck working at a supermarket that barely gave me enough hours to make my car payment and insurance. I pretty much had to give up collecting at that time for about 11 months. I missed out on the TIE bomber, B-wing, Y-wing, and TIE interceptor and it seemed like Omaha wasnt getting any of the basic figures either. Now that ive got a job that can support my hobby and car ive had to make up for it by buying what i missed off of ebay. I went to my favorite Walmart everyday until i found it and im glad they re-issued it because i would much rather pay $30 for it than $45 on ebay.
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    I bought it and I have the POTJ version as well. I really like the new paint details, but if money is an issue with you stick with your old one. Aside from a few black smudges and some blaster marks there is no difference. I think you can never have enough bad guys though so I may buy one more when they're discounted.

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    They have been sitting on the shelves for quite some time now. Every Walmart I go to have a about 6 of them sitting there going nowwhere. I'm not picking one up, they do look cool but I just stick to the 3 3/4" figs.

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    I also have the POTJ one (like many of you do) so i'll pass on the repackaged one. If it becomes discounted then i'll pick it up.
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