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Thread: Wave 4 news!

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    Wave 4 news!

    Following a report by a forum member (can't remember your username sorry) that action figure express has them in stock and is expecting to get them in a few days, thought you might be interested in other news. Entertainment Earth now has them in stock and galactic hunter has a small preview report on them HERE

    I'm quite quite excited, so when people recieve them lets have full reports and thoughts, if thats ok

    Oh, and from the pictures HERE It doesn't look like theres space for mini figs sorry

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    Will these boards not allow you to link to other sites?

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    Well, sure everyone can find them without the links anyway, theres loads of pictures, I'm even more impatient now

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    what web site are you trying to link too?
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    Galactic hunter, I'll try it again: Galactic Hunter

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    Only Galactic Hunter is starred out when the two words are put together because Steve was mad about them using pictures (I dunno which) that were 'supposed' to have been SSG exclusive.

    Anyways, this wave looked promising but Hasbro's sinking in the knife even more this time around. I think I can find a reason why they're making the 2003 boxes like that, to copy the Winner's Circle 1:24 die-cast boxes.

    Hasbro used to own the Winner's Circle line, however in 2002 they lost it to Action Performance, who is one of the major companies behind NASCAR merchandise. Since Action has used it, they've improved quality of the Winner's Circle line, and added many more significant changes which make it even better. When Hasbro had the line, their 1:24 scale die-cast cars came in a cardboard box with windows on the side, but when Action took over they made the 1:24 scale car boxes a cardboard bottom with a plastic lid. I think Hasbro was sore about them doing that because it lookers nicer than Hasbro's usually poor quality cardboard boxes.

    Anyways, on to the AF ships!

    Slave 1 - They couldn't even design a frickin stand so it can be in fly mode? Now that's cheap, if they're not gonna release a figure with it, at least give it a better stand.

    Clone Trooper Transport - Ok, this thing is a slightly detailed block of plastic, why is it so small though?? It's like barely bigger than the Solar Sailor without sail.

    Gunship - Nice details and such, however the cockpits are definitely not designed with figures in mind. You can see that with the seat curves, no way an AF figure is gonna look right with those curves in the seats. Also they couldn't put some grey line detail on the side bubble pods?...

    Things are just getting worse and worse, makes me wish they'd just end it already and let it rest in peace instead of mutilating it like this.
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    this wave is kind of bitter sweet for me. I really wanted a gunship, and now I finally have one, but it doesn't hold figures. I liked the prototype better with the blacked-out paint instead of just clear. I agree about the Slave I though, I'm not going to buy it, although I probably would have if it came with a better stand. I also have no plans to buy the troop transport. But I still think the gunship looks great and I'm still planing on buying at least two.
    I don't have to worrry about it being able to fit large amounts of troops in the bay area because I don't have any storm troopers or anything for it to hold.

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    Originally posted by LTBasker Only Galactic Hunter is starred out when the two words are put together because Steve was mad about them using pictures (I dunno which) that were 'supposed' to have been SSG exclusive.
    Ah, didn't know about that, sorry steve, didn't mean anything by it, I'm loyal to you

    I am getting all three as I am collecting all the action fleet while they still exist (just incase they dissapear again) and in particular I have been waiting for the gunship and the acclamator troop ship, mainly because I like the designs so much. Slave one I'm not thrilled about, but I don't have the boba painted slave one, and I think its a decent enough little model.
    What I will say about the stand issue, from a designers point of view, and I've worked on stands similar to that one, it would be too costly to make a specific stand to enable that toy to be in fly mode, IMHO. That said, would have been nice to see.

    I can fully understand how you see hasbro are cutting corners, not painting the clone gunnery turret for instance is just plain sloppy if you ask me, and I can understand the anger by collectors about the mini figs, even if that isn't a priority for me.

    The new boxes are a mystery to me, yes they show off the toy in the box well, and on a shelf it may become easier to see individual ships, but from all over points of view, its crap. Looks cheap and rubbish, all the info is on the bottom, which is the mistake of a first year packaging design student with no talent. Though, again this isn't a buying concern as although I keep the boxes, I don't have them on display, just the toys.

    I got an email from dave saying mine should ship in a few days, I have been waiting for this for ages, and I will probably buy two more gunships and troop transports when I can find them on these shores.

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    I have to agree about them

    The gunship's trurrets not being painted is very cheap lloking and the lack of a fig is horrible.

    The cockpit does look bigger than the at-te's but we'll have to see? Myabe a custom could fit them?

    I just want hasbro to bring back action fleet and stop looking at af like there models. THEY ARE TOYS. Galoob understood that. I want playsets and figs and better ship. I am in conection with a a women that works for Hasbro and she might be able to just get me in. Heck i might be able to get in touch with the big guys and lets jus say the past could come back

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    I personally would prefer accuracy, well, as close to as you can get and it still be a toy and be cheap. I have to be honest, I don't think hasbro will every bring back mini figs, ever, but thats just my point of view.


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