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    Republic # 50: Battle For Kamino

    Just got back from the comic book store with this fine ge,
    64 pages long, at a $5.99 cover price. It contains three stories in it, one of which introduces the ARC troopers, which are AWESOME!!!
    I won't give away any more info, but would like to discuss it after you all get a chance to read it.

    I also picked up SW Jedi: Mace Windu but haven't read it yet, but will shortly!
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    The Jedi: Mace Windu is an awesome read! Get to learn more about the Weequay knight from geonosis, as well as an intreduction to the possible sith witch.
    Hasbro, Wuher needs help, bring us Ackmena

    Kenobi must be the Smith or Johnson of Tatooine

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    Yup, she's the "Sith Witch." Assuming the ARC-Clonetrooper is the rumored "Clone Commando," it looks like the Clone Wars line should be awesome.

    Great stories in both books, and I'm starting to warm up to that comic series usurper Quinlan Vos. I might have to go back and get the issues I missed. And I was surprised (happily so) when the Calamari leader didn't say something corny and overly coincidental like, "Tell my son Ackbar I love him!"

    And it's really, really nice to see that Dark Horse, Hanna-Barbera, Del Rey, Scholastic, LucasGames, and Hasbro seem so far to be making a very well-integrated Clone Wars timeline, with plenty of battles along the way. From the partial timeline in the back of Mace Windu, I'm already drooling over the "Defense of Naboo" storyline coming later this year.
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    The mace story line was sweet. And republic #50 was cool. That alpha trooper was cool.

    I'm interested in learning more about what jango taught them. Jango gave them direct it just adds another strand to the web of deceit...jango's orders from dooku, or jango went renagade and had plans of his own prior to his death...

    (insert cliff hanger music here)

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    #50 was very good. It was very in-tune with AOTC. The ARC Clone was one of my favorites, a "Clone with an attitude!". I have a feeling he'll play a big part in the Clone Wars, and also reveal more interesting facts about Jango.

    Now I gotta pick up the Mace issue, cuz everyone seems to like that one just as much.
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    Attack on Kamino Comic and Mace Windu's!

    Man was the Mace comic good! That one caught me and choked me up. I liked the Weequay Jedi!

    It had a Sith Witch and a very moving story. I think it was better than Attack on Kamino.

    Both comics were done by the same writer and artist (John Ostrander and Jan Duursema - Dark Horse's very best team!)

    Attack on Kamino had that cool sea-survival part when Obi-Wan's starfighter went down (is that the end of R4?) and the sea creature attacked. But the coolest was the alpha-type Jango-clone, and him and Shaak-Ti, who actually was cool when I never was into her before.

    Anyway, the Clone Wars are rocking now!

    It was different seeing the Calamarians fighting for the bad-guys, too! But that's because the Quarren come from their planet and Senator Tiikes is a Separatist. No wonder Ackbar gets captured and enslaved to Tarkin! Nice continuity there (no Ackbar wasn't in the comic, but it could very well lead up to his introduction in there).

    Anyway, what did you guys think?
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    I think I don't want to see Ackbar show up during the Clone Wars. I agree with the Mace comic being better than Republic 50, which was excellent but a little bit of a letdown. Mace Windu was easily the best comic of the week, beating out even the excellent GIJoe Frontline #4. (Mace vs a Sith Witch is way cooler than Snake Eyes vs Storm Shadow.)

    I'm merging the two threads about these comics together, so as to avoid confusion.
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    Yes, that Mace one shot was awesome! Nice plot twist with the Wequay Jedi there! Great Jan Durresma artwork as well.

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    I'm going to create a new Kamino diorama one day to reflect the "Attack on Kamino."

    I have no room now, but I'll be getting the extra figures for it:

    Aayla Secura

    Blue CloneTrooper (or the Clone Wars' new bounty hunter character)

    Clone Troopers
    Clone Captain
    Clone Commander

    Lama Su / Clone boy
    Taun We

    3 Luke Bacta extras

    BattleDroids (yeah...more of them!)
    Destroyer Droids
    Mon Calamari Soldiers

    and I'll set up like a landing pad fight and let it rock! Model railroad "fake water" would look really cool doing Kamino!
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    Was #50 hard to find? I went to two comic shops this past weekend and neither had #50. I'm starting to check secondary sources now.


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