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    Exclamation ROTJ LUKE- Revealed

    This is from the official site.

    What do you think?
    Hopefully, they'll change his lighsaber to GREEN.
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    As expected it is terrible. However, Hasbro looks like they will make up for it next year with what could be the greatest Star Wars figure ever. Hasbro appears as if they heard the fans a little too late with the one that will be out this year but in fact did hear us. They seem to finally understand how important this figure is to many of us. I am so thankful they are making the (good) one in the Jabbas Palace gear.

    Again, I am incredible dissappointed with the throne room figure. If they didn't announce the Jabbas palace one I may have called it quits.

    Congrats Hasbro. You may have kept me in the game.

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    "Cool lightsaber slashing action..."

    Despite the "action feature", I might just possibly get this figure for the piece of throne-room that comes with it, if I can find it cheap enough anywhere.

    On the flipside, "the wave of figures including Luke, Darth Vader and the Snowtrooper will be the last wave for 2003 with action features."
    That's good news for most of us, but I just hope the Snowtrooper's feature is restricted to his cannon accessory....

    The 2004 Jabba's Palace version looks promising, though.
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    I'm kinda disappointed about the Trone Room Luke, but maybe he'll be better when we see more pics of him
    BTW, doesn't he look like a rabbit with that abnormal huge buck teeth!?!
    but it's really cool that hasbro will release a second Luke, the sketch looks really cool and 10 points of articulation aren't bad, and the cloak looks cool too
    but the release date for him is spring 2004, now I'm really thinking that hasbro saw that everybody wanted a cool jedi Luke but their "action version" wasn't that good so they quickly had to make the plans for a new one (and made this sketch)

    edit: I didn't even that bit about the action features, but it only says "last figs with af's for 2003", but hopefully they mean FOREVER
    BTW what did you mean that they should change the ligthsaber color to green, it actually is green in the pic
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    The Throne Room Luke is ok. I'm getting pretty tired of the whole facial expression thing. It looks more cartoon than human. I don't remember Luke ever attacking Vader with his mouth open and his teeth clenched like that. Maybe they made him like that so he can be attacked by the Emperor's force lightning.

    Other than that- it looks like his elbows are articulated, and possibly his knees as well. If elbows are articulated, maybe his wrists will be as well. The body sculpt looks good. The open flap looks good. The belt buckle looks good. The physical stature looks good.

    The spring 2004 Luke Jedi looks like a quick fix for those who were hoping for a better Luke Jedi this year. That looks like a drawing somebody put together the day before they were supposed to put Luke Jedi's picture up on the internet. I like the robe, and like the articulation. I hope they flip flop the hands so that his right hand can hold a lightsaber or the blaster he steals from the guard. I don't understand why Hasbro keeps making all these left handed figures. Luke never held anything with his left hand. The ONLY characters to use their left hands for ANYTHING have been Darth Maul and Anakin from the duel with Dooku. If you want to make figures hold things with their left hands, at least make them so they can hold things with their right as well.

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    The 2004 Luke looks awsome, but what's with Throne Room Luke's face?!
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    Great, another Luke with a stupid look on his face. Speaking of which what in the world possesses hasbro to make the buck-toothed x-wing pilot? They ruined what could have been the best figure to date (In my opinion). And now they're taking full advantage of a second chance to screw up a figure. I just hope the line survives long enough to get the version in 2004.

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    Well the 2003 Luke looks ok, I might get it. I'll just have to wait and see. But if the 2004 Luke is half as good as that sketch then I'll be really happy. Atleast Hasbro put that sketch up with a little paragraph about their plans. I almost do wonder if they made the plans either like a couple weeks ago or they just reserved showing Luke because they were waiting for the sketches of the second figure. *shrug* who knows.

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    Oh dear god that is awful.
    The 2004 Luke does look really good, but.....2004!!!!. That's like a year away.

    You have to laugh though. Hasbro is obviouslly bracing themselves for the collector backlash. They must have realised a little late they were really going to shoot themsleves in the foot with that thing and hence the quickly drawn up plans for the 2004 collector version, and presumably the delay in releasing that picture until said plans were completed.
    Also the whole thing about the action features reads like this.
    "Yeah we know you hate them so we're removing them. But the kids like them so there. They do. No really they do. Ok they don't but we had to excuse ourselves somehow."

    That said it does sound as though Hasbro have listened and are going to give us what we want, good figures of good, not necessarily main, characters.
    Congrats Jargo. looks like Randy has finally been taken out of the design loop, at least in collection 2 terms. He's probably designing the "cool mission specific gear" for the clone wars line as we speak.
    Roll on 2004 that's what I say.

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    Meh, eh, looks good to me. I'll pick it up.
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