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    How to make a decent lightsaber?

    I figure for a light up blade, you could buy a 3/4" plexiglass dowel rod (color of your choice) sand it down and put a mini mag-light in the handle. This works pretty well the whole blade lights up very nicely. Ive tried it before, I just haven't completely put a laser sword together yet.

    Has anyone ever tried this? What other options are there for a light up blade?

    I customized my own style handle out of hydralic parts from an 18 wheeler. Its heavy, and I've seen prettier, but it matches me pretty well.
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    Where would one find a 3/4" plexiglass dowel rod??

    That doesn't sound like the sort of thing I could pick up at my local wal-mart.

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    Look up 'plastics' in your phone book. That should lead you to a place where you can buy plexiglass. Here in Tulsa I go to Tulsa plastics. There may be a place online.. I'll have to look into it.
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    got any pics of that saber perhaps? sounds interesting
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    Like I said I never finished it. The handle, made from hydraulic parts is buried somewhere in my closet--I'd have to drill out the center if I wanted to fit a maglite in there. But with the hydraulic parts I should be able to twist the handle in parts and the light would turn on. For the blade I toyed with the idea at the museum where I worked. So I know the sanded Plexiglass idea works--you have to sand it in order to refract the light, other wise the light will only shoot out the end--fiber optics.
    So with a little effort anyone could have a glowing saber.

    Sorry no pics.
    Now only if we could make it strong enough to corterize (sp?)
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